Definitions: demonstration defines the word ‘demonstration‘ as follows:

  1. the act or circumstance of proving or being proved conclusively, as by reasoning or a show of evidence: a belief incapable of demonstration.
  2. something serving as proof or supporting evidence: They sent a check as a demonstration of their concern.
  3. a description or explanation, as of a process, illustrated by examples, specimens, or the like: a demonstration of methods of refining ore.
  4. the act of exhibiting the operation or use of a device, machine, process, product, or the like, as to a prospective buyer.
  5. an exhibition, as of feeling; display; manifestation: His demonstration of affection was embarrassing.


In Religious Science circles, a ‘demonstration’ is the manifestation of a spiritual mind treatment, or in layman’s terms: an answered prayer.

A significant portion of this blog will be dedicated to cataloging and documenting the demonstrations that I have experienced, and on occasion  the demonstrations of others. Some are fun, some are awe-inspiring and others will make you walk around with your mouth open for a while. Such is the power of “this Thing Itself” as Ernest Holmes referred to it in his seminal work, ‘The Science of Mind‘.

Dr. Holmes often said, “There’s a power for Good in the universe – and you can use It!”

Spiritual Mind Treatment, or affirmative scientific prayer, is the way we access that power.



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