Double Debit Card

I mentioned that I have demonstrated a lot around money recovery, so I may as well share another one now.

As they do periodically, my Debit Card/MasterCard expired at the end of last year, and the bank dutifully sent me a new one, with a new expiration date and a new CVV code (that 3-digit code that online retailers need from you to process your purchase).

It’s now April, so I’d long ago memorized all that information so that I didn’t need to hunt my wallet each time I made a purchase or pre-paid a service online. I share this because you’ll understand why, when I misplaced my debit card a couple weeks ago, I didn’t get in a hurry to call and cancel it. I knew as soon as I paid the $35 replacement fee, memorized the NEW information, and forgot the old,…I’d find the debit card in the laundry or a coat pocket that I hadn’t checked yet. I also knew that my funds in the bank were safe: because they were mine by right of consciousness (I’ll explain this later in another post),…plus I received a daily text update as to my bank balance.

I held off replacing that card and was actually planning to draft a list of where all I needed to search – and hadn’t yet – to find this thing because I KNEW that it was in my house, and no where else. I remember the last time I used it, but not where I put it after that. I was determined to find it, and so as any practitioner or practitioner-in-training would do, I treated for its reappearance, affirming that I knew it was in my home, and that I would find it there.

This past Monday, I was sorting through the mail that had piled up from the previous week when I came across an envelope from my bank. I had seen it when it came in and assumed it was either my mortgage statement or bank balance and since I do just about everything online, I don’t give those envelopes a lot of attention anymore. This time, however when I picked it up it felt heavier. There was definitely something non-paper in this envelope!

I opened it quickly and to my surprise, there was a new Debit/MasterCard from my bank,…BUT – it was the same number, with the same expiration date, and the same CVV code as the one I’d had for the past 5 months.

“That’s odd,” I thought. “Maybe someone found my card and sent it back to the bank and so they issued me a new card?”

But why didn’t the expiration or CVV codes change? Usually if there has been a potential breach of private or sensitive information, these are changed to safeguard the account. I also looked for a note or other documentation in the envelope indicating why I was getting this “new” card that was exactly the same as my 5-month old card.


The contents of this envelope mirrored what I received when I got the updated card at the end of last year.

“Here’s your new Debit MasterCard! Call this number to activate.”

The only answer or explanation that I can come up with is that as I treated to find my Debit/MasterCard in my house, the Natural Law, which is “the physical expression of a higher degree of order”, went into action and I found my Debit/MasterCard in my house (one of my classes this term is using the book, ‘Shortcut to a Miracle‘ and you’ll find this reference on p. 35).

I won’t go into explanations of quantum fields which, simply explained, are “…non-material patterns of energy that exert visible influence.” (Also can be read in Shortcut, p. 50) but if you’re interested, I can recommend the book, which is very interesting.

As a Practitioner-in-training and practicing Religious Scientist, I can simply say “Treatment Works!” I treated to find my missing Debit/Mastercard in my house and the Law complied; I found it – for all intent and purposes, the exact same card – in my house.

Thank you God, and so It is!




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