Lost and Found

If you end up following this blog, you’ll notice I demonstrate the recovery of a number of lost things – often related to money. There’s a spiritual reason for that and I’m still working on it, but we’ll cover those issues later. For now, let me share a demonstration that I had around a lost check.

At the end of each year, my bank tallies “rewards points” and sends out a check based on those reward points. This January I received, in the mail, a check for $55.87 based on rewards points earned in the previous year. For some reason, I did not digitally deposit the check upon opening it, as I generally do with checks. I wanted to put it into an account that would not take the digital deposit, so I stuck it in my purse, in the front pocket thinking I would just deposit it when I was “out and about“.

I remember seeing it in my purse one evening when I was checking out at Michael’s Arts & Crafts, as I pulled my debit card out of that same front pocket. In fact, the folded check started to move when I grabbed my card and I carefully tucked it back down into that pocket.

Several days later when I went to find it so I could make the deposit, it was missing. It was not in my purse; it was not in my car; it was not in the pile of mail that grows on my dining room table. I remembered it creeping up out of that front pocket of my purse when I was at Michael’s so I called them to see if anyone had turned a check in. No, there was nothing even remotely resembling a check in the lost and found.


Now, that $55.87 was not going to make or break me, but no one I know likes to lose that much money.  After tearing my house and car apart, I was out of options and places to look. I decided to “do a treatment” to find the check, and then let it go (stop thinking about it).

I did the treatment to return the check to me, or to a higher/better cause, and went about my week, forgetting it, for the most part.

A few days later (I forget now how many – might have been close to a week), I came home from running a quick errand in town and down on the mat right outside of the front door lay a folded white piece of paper.

“That’s odd,” I thought.

I had just left the house a little more than an hour ago and I know it wasn’t there at the time. I picked up the paper and guess what it was? My $55.87 check.

Now, it is important to understand that in January – particularly THIS January – it was next to impossible for something like a small piece of paper to lay outside and remain CLEAN and DRY for any period of time. Furthermore, the exposure of my porch generally allows all kinds of things to blow ON and OFF the porch, like leaves, mail fliers, lost school papers, and other things. It was hard to imagine that this little check could have been placed there and remained for any length of time – AND- if one of my neighbors had found it, they would have surely put it in my mailbox, or tucked it inside the door. I would also assume if one of my neighbors had found it, it would have had marks or some sign of exposure to wet or dirt, given the external environment here at that time.

But no – there wasn’t a mark, smudge or smear on the thing. It was as  pristine as it had been the LAST time I had seen it – in my purse – at Michael’s.

I can’t explain in a “regular” sense what happened, but I know that, as one of my mentors always says, “Treatment works!”.

After saying “THANK YOU!” I went into the house and digitally deposited the check. You won’t be surprised to learn that I now deposit checks immediately upon receiving them, but,… if I ever lose one again, I know how to get it back.



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