Don’t Leave Home Without It!

In my full-time job, I go through periods of lots of  travel  and not so much. I’m not crazy about lots of travel, and in fact traveled enough over the past 2 years for business that I’d  be happy if I didn’t have to fly for business again for quite some time. Perhaps I need to treat for that

Earlier this year during a period of increased travel engagements, and after several very late, very miserable trips I began asking our ministers for treatment so I would have safe, efficient, easy and on-time travel.

I immediately began to demonstrate making very tight connections against all odds in order to get home on time, but this story beats even the best one of those.

The week “Snowmageddon” hit the Kansas City area, I was scheduled to fly in there to spend a week “on-site”.

I was headed in to Kansas to work face to face, but while I was still sitting on the tarmac waiting to pull back from the gate and taxi out for takeoff at Pittsburgh International Airport, an email went out from my office encouraging everyone to work from home due to the coming 4″ – 8″ of snow. I briefly considered making a dash for the jetway, but I stayed in my seat, made it safely to Kansas and settled in for the night in my hotel.

Sure enough, I awoke in Kansas to snow-covered roads, the usual mild panic of people concerned about driving in “weather” of any kind and back-to-back meetings. While most activity in the office was rescheduled, my meetings remained on the calendar so I drove into the office and took care of business with the handful of other people brave enough to venture out.

By noon my rental car had 4″ of snow on the roof and even the most brave we’re calling it quits and heading off to work from home. I headed back to the hotel, thinking I should have made that dash for the jetway after all.

The snow continued to fall throughout the day, …and all night. By the next morning, local reports had snowfall totals in the area at 12″ – 14″. I was initially to spend a day and a half in meetings and return home Wednesday late afternoon/evening. Tuesday night there were few stores, restaurants or other businesses open. Even the restaurant attached to the hotel had sent everyone home. I was stuck in my hotel with bottled water, dry pretzels, a small yogurt and a couple cereal bars – intended for breakfast. It was plenty – just not exciting like the KC BBQ I like to sample when I’m out there. The city had literally shut down!

I had been chatting on email with my minister about several things, and she reached out to follow up on those things Tuesday night as the nation watched ‘Snowmageddon’ become the breaking news story with Kansas right smack on the middle of the plot. I shared my story with her, and then asked for treatment so that I would be able to get back home to Pittsburgh, as scheduled, on my flight that was to leave at 2:46pm Wednesday (the very next day). She told me that she would, and that I should be ready to leave as expected.

The next day I left for the airport a little sooner than I would have for obvious reasons and made it just fine to drop off the rental car, and take the shuttle to the terminal. I had a connecting flight through Chicago to get home to Pittsburgh, and my flight-tracker app was telling me the flight to Chicago was already delayed 2 hours, but I remained focused on knowing that I would be home safely, easily, efficiently and on time.

I arrived at the counter, handed over my checked bag, had my auto-printed boarding passes in hand and was about to turn away from the counter when the agent said, “Excuse me, Ma’am – I’d like to put you on a different flight to Chicago. I have one leaving in about 45 minutes which will get you there in good time to catch your connecting flight – otherwise, you’re looking at a 2-hour wait and perhaps even additional delays beyond that.”

Knowing that the Treatment had been done and trusting that this was all for my Good, I said “Thank you – that sounds great!”

She took a few moments to process the change, printed me a new boarding pass and off I went.

I arrived in Chicago with 2 hours to spare before my flight to Pittsburgh which departed on-time from O’Hare and touched down as-scheduled in Pittsburgh at 9:31pm.

This may sound unremarkable, but if you flew as much as I have lately, you will know that on-time in the Winter when you fly the Pittsburgh-Chicago-Kansas City route is anything BUT business as usual. Then, as I perused the next morning’s paper I read the following blurb about the weather and the airlines:

“Among more than 3,000 flight cancellations in the U.S. were 30 arrivals and 42 departures at Pittsburgh International Airport, according to Hardest-hit airports were in Boston, the New York City area, Chicago and Washington, D.C.”

As I will say often on this blog, “Treatment works!”  and it is experiences like this one that continue to strengthen my faith in Spiritual Mind Treatment, and the power of prayer.

As if I needed any additional “proof”, I will definitely continue to pack Spiritual Mind Treatment as part of my travel gear whether going across town, across the country or anywhere!

Kansas “Snowmageddon”


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