Treat, then get ready!

This will be a bit cryptic for reasons that should make sense to you as the story unfolds.

I’m in negotiations for a new ‘situation’ due to many reasons, including 8 overlords in less than 2 years, 3 reorganizations in the same time period, and no forward progress in the donut-making that is done within each new framework (if they produced chaos, they’d be gold star, but I digress).

As a result, I’m mentally, emotionally and spiritually “done” and do not have the energy or motivation to participate in a team building session that was scheduled off-site (out of town) later this month – especially as I know that my “escape” is imminent.

I have been treating in earnest NOT to have to travel to this venue, and in keeping with the principles of religious science, affirming that the demonstration of this non-trip be the highest Good for everyone.

I should know this by now, but when you know the Law, practice living in the Law and you treat for something – get ready! As crazy as this sounds, even I couldn’t have imagined a 9th overlord in just over 2 years and a reorganization that – miraculously – negated my need to travel to the off-site session, but that’s exactly what happened and just in time to cancel the travel arrangements.

I continue to be humbled, amazed, delighted and awestruck by the demonstrations that manifest through treatment. I Am truly provided in all ways and at all times; and so It is.

PostScript: if you are in need of prayer, you may reach out to experienced, licensed Practitioners who will Treat for you (pray affirmatively).

((I love this close up of late-season snowflakes – the unique intricacies are inspiring))



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