Teach Your Children Well

running shoes-2My children have been with me on a portion of my spiritual journey (which began when I was a child, in traditional Protestant Sunday School & Church with my parents, grandparents AND great-grandparents) and I am blessed that we continue to have an open and honest dialogue around such things. My daughter and her family attend the Center for Spiritual Living here in town with me, and it’s such a joy to see the grandchildren learning these principles which support a full and joy-filled life more than any of the other paths I have explored.

Recently my daughter has become more interested in the workings of Spiritual Mind Treatment, or affirmative scientific prayer, so I have been sharing some of the learning points from my Practitioner classes with her. This blog post is about a demonstration she had just today.

It’s marathon weekend and on Saturday before Sunday’s big race there are a number of “fun” races, like the 1-mile kid race. My grandchildren ran in this with Mommy & Daddy so all 4 of them were up early and on the T (trolley/public transportation) down to the races. My daughter had a cinch sack with some necessary “Mom-items” in it and was concerned that she wouldn’t have anywhere to leave it, and would have to run with it. Instead of getting worked up, she decided to do a Treatment that the perfect place would be there for her to leave her bag.

Across town, my sister was sitting at the table with her husband and son – they had come into town for the Marathon tomorrow and were eating breakfast and visiting with our parents. All of a sudden, my sister jumped up and said, “We need to go down to the Kid’s Race!”. She doesn’t know why – she just knew at that moment she felt compelled to go down to the race.

She and her husband threw on some clothes, and dashed out the door so they could make it to the race site and cheer on my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids (I had to grade final exams – grades are due next week so I was cheering them on from a distance). Just after my daughter began her race, cinch sack in tow, she spotted her Aunt & Uncle and was able to toss it to them and continue the race unencumbered.

On the way home she called me, excitedly relaying her demonstration.

As a mother, I am glad that my children and grandchildren are being taught these life-changing principles, and are practicing them in their daily lives. There’s a well-worn adage: give a man a fish, he can eat for a day; teach a man to fish he can eat for a lifetime. As parents, we all strive to teach our children “to fish” instead of fixing each issue that comes up for them.

Teaching my children how to use what Ernest Holmes called “a power for Good in the universe” is one way I can teach my children and grandchildren to “fish” for a lifetime. Lest you think that a place to throw a cinch sack in a race may seem trivial, I have found that learning the Law and practicing appropriate use of the Law through Spiritual Mind Treatment is best taught in small things. It’s much easier to believe in the Treatment for a major need (illness, job situation, relationship strife) if you have practiced and demonstrated across  many aspects of your life.

So we will continue to practice and demonstrate, and I would encourage you to consider the same!

And so It is.



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