“Weather” or not,…

Marathon Day arrived, but not without some trepidation about the weather from some of the runners in my family. Last night the forecast called for high winds, rain and temperatures in the 30’s.

My sister and daughter were not thrilled with the forecast, and my son commented that he picked a good marathon to miss. As sometimes happens, my daughter called to ask if I would do a treatment – this time her request was for a better forecast for the race.

Although I’m not a runner, I was still sympathetic to the dread of being outdoors for an extended period of time in less-than-ideal weather, so I “spoke the word” (with a nod to Florence Scovel Shinn) for perfect weather for runners.

Early this morning as I drove my young grandchildren to breakfast at a diner, I smiled as I noticed the 52-degree reading on my car’s dashboard (it’s over 60 now), no rain and negligible -if any- wind. By the time the Sunday Celebration service was in progress, the sun was even peeking out from behind the clouds.

I’m always grateful and continue to enjoy a child-like wonder as I experience demonstrations of treatment: mine and others.

I give thanks for this teaching; for the teachers of the past, the teachers today and the teachers to come – and so It is.



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