The Gift of Thanks

thank-youI’m surely not the first person to consider a journey of gratitude as a cure for a challenging situation. A few months ago I undertook just such a journey in the form of a 40-day chronicling of things I appreciated about my job. Some days it was easy – a paid holiday, a bonus or the kindness of a colleague. Other days it was a bit tougher to find something for which to be thankful. At the end of the 40 days I had a new appreciation for seeing and identifying as blessings the many seemingly “small” things that come to us in the course of a day, and I realized that our core values cannot be checked at the door when we go to work. More information on that particular aspect in later blogs. Today is Friday – that day we long for, and celebrate with its own acronym, ‘TGIF’ and the day where we look back across the week with frustration or satisfaction at what we’ve accomplished.

In the book, Shortcut to a Miracle which we are studying in a class that I am presently taking, the authors speak about the 4 most common areas for which people seek Spiritual Mind Treatment: Health, Prosperity/Abundance, Success, and Relationships. This blog post will focus on Success as it comes cloaked in a career.

One of the reasons I had embarked on a journey of gratitude for my job was that I was feeling entirely disconnected from my professional identity, couldn’t tell you what I was “good at”, and felt very little value to the contributions I was making (and trying to make) at work.  In short, I was MISERABLE. This was complicated by the fact that the job comes with very nice compensation and you know how attached we can get to those numbers. In seeking healing for this dilemma through Treatment, I was blessed with 2 “assurances” to my search for meaning in the form of feedback from former students (Prior to my current position I was a faculty member at a university and continue to teach as an adjunct for 2 community colleges).

The first reminder of what I am “good at” came in the form of a young man who attended an introductory session I was giving for a program that was launching at a local health system (I had built the educational piece as a consultant and was introducing it). After the presentation concluded, he approached me to let me know that he was in his 9th year with the company. He had been a student of mine (university) and told me that day that the things he learned in my class had actually helped him get the job that was the beginning of his career trajectory.

I never cease to be grateful for the ways that the Law manifests in our lives. I know on an intellectual level that I’ve taught lots of students many things that helped them get jobs,…but this simple gesture – this gift of thanks – meant more to me than I can adequately express in words. In that moment he not only thanked me for the good he was able to achieve and the small part I played in that, but he reminded me that I am a valuable contributor and have made a difference in his life, and the life of other students along the way. And, like the woman who didn’t have to offer  me a donut that day, he could have gone back to work and never given it another thought. He made an effort to reach out and say thanks and it was transformative for me.

Almost 2 months later, I was nudged again by Spirit in this direction when, after graduation, a student sent me an email. In her note she recalled that it felt appropriate that I had been her instructor in the very 1st class and the very last class of her associate’s degree program; that I had prepared her well for her career with wisdom that extended beyond the classroom and job-specifics and that she was thankful to me for all I had done for her (she also said that I was “…by FAR, the most organized online instructor..” she ever experienced. I think that counts as 2 thank-you’s!)

When advising my children about life and more than 1 nudge comes from the universe, I tell them, “When you get a message more than once, you need to sit up straight and pay attention!”

Yes, I do need to pay attention and I have (finally!).

We are enough, always. And in those times when we’re not SURE about that, we can go into Treatment and know that the reassurance that we are enough is already ours. I suspect that like me, you will be humbled by the message in its simplicity and its genuine love.

We live in a universe bound by natural laws, like that of cause & effect. You have given of yourself in ways that are Good and you continue to even if you don’t realize it. If you cannot see this right now, begin to affirm “I give Good to the world and I recognize this Good as it reflects back to me in wondrous ways!

Remember – within each of us radiates the qualities of the One: Life, Love, Light, Power, Peace, Beauty, Joy, Health & Prosperity. It radiates in and through each and every one of us. We are always provided, and so It is.



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