When Aliens Take Your Friends,…(and leave jerks at your lunch table)

bullying_girlsMy first official affiliation with a Center for Spiritual Living began several years ago, smack in the middle of the accredited course, Creating a Healing Consciousness. At the end of that course, each student presented a project. My project ended up being something that I have maintained and shared with many people since that time.

The project, titled, “When Aliens Take Your Friends (and leave jerks at your lunch table)” was developed for young women* in middle and high school who find themselves suddenly without the friends they had yesterday, last week or several months ago. My goal in the sharing of this workbook is to help young women stay centered and positive during a time in their lives that is too often painful, lonely and difficult: middle school and high school.

For male and female children who are raised in a New Thought stream of consciousness or who have at least some awareness of the principles, it is somewhat easier to initiate a conversation about self-worth, and “being enough” because a foundation has been laid at some point in their lives. For others who may have no spiritual foundation, or whose religious foundation is built on the concept of inherent unworthiness, this is a much, much harder conversation to begin, let alone finish.

My own experience in high school, some 30+ years ago, included a very difficult period where I was shunned by people I thought were my friends. It would now be considered bullying, but back then, some teachers and even my parents wondered what I had done to “deserve” the treatment. I survived, and learned from the experience and all these years later decided to create something positive out of the experience to release any final fragments of pain.

The “Aliens” workbook as I like to call it, contains a number of intentional activities that a middle school or high school student can easily complete when things sour in their social life and they find themselves without friends, or other relationships – a very hard place to be anytime in life, but especially when you’re in middle or high-school. The activities are all craft-based, with easy-to-obtain materials and supplies. They are themed to focus creative energies in a positive direction.

It is my hope that this will be shared and used and forwarded by anyone who needs it, or who knows someone who may need a pathway to reconnect with their Good. If you’re an adult who is thinking of sharing this, I suggest creating a gift bag to go with the workbook so the person receiving it can start right away. If you’ve found this for yourself, the activities can be accomplished with a few inexpensive supplies from your local craft store. If you need help in finding the right supplies, I have found that hanging out in the YARN aisle at Michael’s or JoAnn Fabric & Crafts will present numerous opportunities for help – often in the form of an older woman who has been knitting or crocheting for years and whom I have found to be happy to help shepherd in the next generation of crafters. You can also ask a store associate for assistance.

This would also be a terrific project for a Youth Group to take on.

As a group, you can work through the activities/crafts and take pictures to share on your Facebook or other social media sites; do some fundraising to support assembling the gift bags with the supplies and have a few on hand so that you can share them if you run into kids that you think might benefit or that adults in your Center or church can pass on as well.

Whether you take this on as a project, or simply pass on the blog link to someone else who may take it on, please do so with my blessing. I ask only that you attribute the source and drop me a line periodically to let me know how this project is going for you, or how you have used it to make a difference.

Download the Activity Guide (workbook) and supplies list, and get started today!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and/or feedback on this project, through comments on this blog or by Email.


* although originally created with young women in mind, the activities are not gender-specific; in fact, one of my fondest memories of being on Active Duty in the US Navy was of a First-Class (E-6) Hospital Corpsman named Mike who was married with 3 kids and was an AVID crocheter 🙂


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