Reflections on a Retreat

I am – right now – on the first leg of my return flight home from Alabama, after spending the past 4 days and nights at Rock Ridge Retreat Center.

Rock Ridge Retreat Center is Edwene Gaines’ home and training hub for her many workshops. The locale is divine in its natural beauty, and a few days there doing nothin’ but spending time away from the hustle-bustle of modern life would be a retreat in and of itself.

I attended Edwene’s Master Prosperity Teacher training and while I expected it to be good, it exceeded my wildest expectations for what I would learn – about myself, and prosperity – and how much I would enjoy my time there.

In many ways, the various activities are almost too sacred to share in any detail. I know that might not make sense – it doesn’t make logical, Spock-like sense to me, but it feels right.

I can share that the morning Chapel meditations were deeply-moving and began each day with a connection to Spirit that grounded and centered us for our day’s work. The fire walk that took place on Monday evening was the culmination of a lot of spiritual work, and I am still in awe that I walked across a bed of hot coals (3 times!) without a burn, blister or mark.

As Edwene shares in her book and talks, Prosperity is much, much more than just money – and the deeply-spiritual nature of this retreat reinforces this message. It was a powerful 4+ days, and I can say without pause that the person who landed in Chattanooga and drove UP that mountain is not the same person who came down from it today.

If you’re not familiar with Ms. Gaines’ work, look her up on YouTube and give one of her visits to Unity churches a listen. I am certain you’ll become a fan.



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