A Matter of Time

When you enter into the realm of spiritual things – a realm that includes taking the prayer and treatment requests and concerns of others on as your work – it may not seem at first to be something that adds all that much time to your day. After spending a few days with Edwene Gaines and listening to all the prayer work she does, as well as the counseling and prayer work a couple of the ministers (Unity, Religious Science) had on their plates, I have updated my opinion on this matter.

Doing treatment, or as Edwene says, “going into prayer” is time-consuming if you give the time and attention to it that it deserves. It’s not a magic wand that you can wave casually at an issue or problem. In New Thought it’s not as simple as asking some elderly, powerful grandpa on a cloud with a long white beard to “please help Susie Q, and Johnny, too”. Prayer work in the New Thought tradition is hard work for we not only call on a deep connection with Spirit, but we affirm, or KNOW that the problem or issue is resolved, which requires mental attention and creativity – and sometimes that creativity is a challenge!

Outsiders may believe that New Thought is an airy-fairy, feel-good religion, absent of any “real spiritual work”,…and they would be wrong. The spiritual champions I have come to know are tireless advocates for their clients, congregants and others in their circles. If you’ve not experienced the power of this kind of connection, check out your local Unity or Religious Science/Science of Mind church. I believe you’ll find a spiritual connection unlike any you’ve experienced in the past.




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