Pets as teachers


In the movie, “The Secret”, manifesting is discussed by some of the teachers as a process best learned by “starting small”. In fact, I think Bob Doyle recommends manifesting a cup of coffee initially.

“Manifesting” is the mainstream word for “demonstrating after spiritual mind treatment”. I understand why it was presented this way in more secular media, and have no issue with its presentation as such. The movie reached a LOT of people and opened them to think about their lives differently. Many of these were likely people who would have turned away if it had been presented any other way.

I happen to agree with the advice given in the movie to “begin with a cup of coffee”, or in other words, start with something you can believe is possible, and I think our pets are perfect partners for this kind of spiritual workout.

Treating for harmony between pets, better pet behavior or to get a restless dog or cat to sleep at night are wonderful ways to flex your “spiritual chops” and if your experience is anything similar to mine, you’ll find the animals very receptive to it.

If you’re new to Spiritual Mind Treatment, or affirmative scientific prayer and you’re struggling to “get it right”, consider some gentle work by “knowing the truth” about your pet(s) or someone else’s (your neighbor’s barking dog, perhaps). Keep it simple, and be sure to affirm that your Good is the highest Good for all.


If the neighbor’s dog is barking due to an intruder, you would want to make sure his eventual silence is due to the police slipping him a treat as they apprehend the perp and not because he went to sleep and ignored the burglar. Remember, the highest Good for everyone involved may look different than you’re expecting it to look.

The next time you feel Spiritually “out of practice”, look around for a furry friend who can use some spiritual TLC. They’ll be grateful, and – you never know how much you will learn in the process.


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