Living in the Flow

A Dandelion in the BreezeSeveral weeks ago, a Practitioner at our Center presented a seminar about living “in the flow“.  I was thrilled when I learned of her topic. I had been reading a lot about living in the flow and recently completed an informal “inventory” of things in my life that hadn’t worked out. In retrospect it was clear how out of the flow those things were in my life at the time – though I was not able to see it.

When you are moving in alignment with Spirit and your Highest Good, it feels as though you’re in a canoe moving with the flow of a river. Will there be rough spots, and fast-moving rapids? Sure, but the majority of the ride should be you and the river moving easily and effortlessly in the same direction. When you are involved in something that feels like you are in a square boat, paddling with a single oar, UPstream,… Big. Red. Flag.

I can look back on jobs, business ventures and even relationships that were very clearly “not working” but that I held on to thinking that eventually, “things would work out“. If only I had  listened to that still, small voice, or as I call it, the “nudge of Spirit“; I could have saved myself a lot of pain and suffering.

Often, we may be living “in the flow” in a majority of the areas in our life, but hanging on to old habits, beliefs or feelings that are blocking our Good. We know from our quiet time that we need to let go of this resentment or that “soap box” but we try to rationalize that those things don’t matter because we are, in every other area of our life, living aligned with spiritual principles.

It all balances out,” we may tell ourselves, all while continuing to find closed doors, and missed or absent opportunities. It feels like Spirit is mimicking that intransigent god of fire & brimstone lore who is holding back and punishing us. In truth, however; we are holding ourselves back.

When we refuse to LET GO of things that do not align with our highest Good, we are blocking our own Good. I know no other way to illustrate this absolute than to share my own experience.

I have worked through a TON of resentment, anger and have done significant forgiveness work over the past decade or so. I have made MAJOR strides forward in letting go, but there were a few habits where I felt righteously justified and continued to hold on to them.

I like to write, and I was a regular critic of some practices related to my professional identity (education). It didn’t  help that many people – perhaps even a MAJORITY of people – agree with my perspective on the topic; that my perspective was one that was very clearly planted on the ethical side of the issue  (my reasons were in defense of ethical behavior). I rarely missed an opportunity to chime in on comments after articles, post snarky statements on social media and anywhere else to indignantly advocate AGAINST businesses and practices in my field that I felt were wrong. I would actually get a RUSH when I posted some sharp-tongued rebuff to the people not doing things the way I think they should be done.

As I continued to think this was ‘OK’, I looked around and began to realize that a number of the things I was treating for and visualizing, remained stubbornly out of reach.

“What the heck?!” I wondered. “What am I doing wrong, here?”

But I knew.

I needed to let go of the need to be right; and to prove it to the world by making other people “wrong”.  I decided to take the final step in all the “life cleansing” I had been working through, and let go of the negative rants – even if they were intended to defend “the good guys” from “the bad guys”.  I was living in extreme judgment, and it just might be the thing that was keeping my Good from me. Here’s what happened after only a week of “letting go”.

I got an email from a company who had seen some of my (non-negative) writing, asking if I would consider being a regular Guest Blogger for them. Oh, and while I was at it, they told me, “be sure you write a great bio/tagline. You’re going to get a lot of exposure, so use this to build the platform that you want.”

Wow,…WOW! Do you know how many writers work night and day to try to get this kind of gig?!?  This opportunity literally came knocking on my door (or email Inbox, if you will).

Next, (and when I say “Next”, I mean later that same week!) I found myself running late to a work seminar that someone had put on my calendar. I really didn’t want to go – I had enough work for 4 people, and several important meetings that day. I did go, thinking all the way across the parking lot how I was going to come up with a good reason to escape early while at the same time trying to talk myself into “making the most of it”.

Not even 15 minutes into the session I realized that I had landed smack in the middle of training that would allow me to begin the process toward certification as a Coach/Mentor – something I have been interested in for quite some time.  I didn’t need to seek out coaching training, nor find resources to review for an exam – I was part of a group of people selected to do this as part of their professional role.

I sat in the seminar feeling a bit stunned.

I know, intellectually, that “this stuff works”,…yet I am ever-amazed when it happens in my life.

The lesson for me is so clear, but like many of us, I seem to learn best when the lesson sits down smack in the middle of my life. Interestingly, before I had made the commitment to step away from the self-righteous & indignant blogging, but was dialing back the frequency and intensity, I got a little “hint” that I was moving in the right direction in the form of another writing invitation. Less prestigious than the guest blogger spot, but definitely a precursor; a hint at the Good that was beginning to shine through as I stepped back from judgment – a “nudge” from Spirit that I was moving back in the right direction – into the flow.

If your Good seems to be sidestepping you, take some time to look at your life and identify things that don’t look, sound or feel like Love. Make the decision to walk away (if you can), or change your thinking or approach (if you must remain engaged with the persons or circumstances). Once you do, I suspect that like me, you will be humbled and amazed at the things that line up to bless you and your life.

And so It is.


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