By right of consciousness

CameoI’ve written before about finding things using the Golden Thread technique. Here’s another episode in this same theme.

Last week I wore a cameo pin that my parents had purchased for me as a birthday gift several years back. I had mentioned once that I loved old Cameo pins and they remembered, and made a special trip down to the diamond & gold district in the city and found one in an upscale estate jeweler’s store.

It is beautiful, set in 14k gold, and simply elegant – perfectly suited to my style.

My manager saw it that day and complimented me on it. We were meeting right before lunch, and uncharacteristically for me, that day when I left the meeting, I went out to get some lunch in the local business district.

When I returned from Subway with my lunch, I went to sit down at my desk, and realized that the cameo was missing. I frantically began to look for it on the floor in my office, under my lapel, in the hallway, the stairwell, and on the trajectory I took across the parking lot to my Jeep. Nothing.

I opened my Jeep and pulled back carpet, swept my hand under all the seats, and cleaned out every conceivable nook and cranny where it may have fallen. I looked again around the parking lot where I had been parked BEFORE I went down the hill to Subway and where I was now parked. Still nothing.

Determined to find my lost piece of jewelry, I quickly drove back down to the shopping center where I had picked up my lunch. I went in to Subway and asked if anyone  had turned in a pin. I’ve had great experiences in Pittsburgh when losing things of value and having people turn them in. In fact, on New Year’s Eve downtown in 1985 I was home on leave from the US Navy and had more than $900 cash in my wallet (I’m not a fan of purses, and back then I didn’t carry one). I was at Houlihan’s and discovered that my wallet was missing. When I asked about it, the hostess handed me my wallet with every dollar of the $900 still there, along with my military ID, driver’s license and a credit card or two.

I believed that if someone had found my pin, they’d turn it in, but no one had turned anything in, and my stomach began to turn. It was not the cost of the pin that upset me, but the meaning that it held for me that was causing my growing distress. I remember driving through the ATM Lane at the bank before returning to work so I got back into my Jeep and drove there, recalling that I had to lean out to grab the cash, but found nothing there, either.

Finally, a little late into this episode, I remembered the Golden Thread and the principle of this pin being mine by right of consciousness. I calmed myself down and did a quick treatment, invoking the process of the Golden Thread.

I drove back to my work place, and went back upstairs into my office. I was about to look up the phone number for the campus lost and found when someone popped their head in my door and asked me a question. I stood up to hand them something and when I smoothed my scarf down the front of me, I felt something small, oval and hard: it was my cameo pin, captured in the vertical fold of my scarf.

I cannot explain how this pin moved from an outer lapel to the center where a loose scarf hung around my neck; I cannot explain how this pin remained hanging between my body, the loose scarf and inside of my jacket while I tromped up and down 2 flights of stairs, twice; around 2 parking lots and in and out of a strip mall storefront,…without falling out, but there it was, intact and unfastened.

One of my mentors explains that spiritual laws are more powerful than physical laws. Since the cameo pin was truly mine by right of consciousness, that principle trumped the physical law of gravity which surely would have had this pin on the ground somewhere long before I returned to my office had it NOT been rightfully mine. I think back too to the return (after more than a month) of my grandchildren’s cat. He was and is most definitely their pet, by right of consciousness.

Although I have now experienced this principle in action twice; once with almost immediate results and another time with a significant time delay, I continue to be in awe of it as a spiritual tool and technique, and so it is.


Have you lost something of significance to you? Email me and I’ll help you craft a spiritual mind treatment that incorporates the Golden Thread technique to bring that which is lost, back home to you.




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