Nothing too small

(originally blogged for CSL Pittsburgh South)

Guard Shack

In studying Science of Mind this session we are reading 2 books: The Power of Your Word and How to Use the Science of Mind. As we progress through the learning objectives in the workbook, we are learning (reinforcing) the concept of incorporating Spiritual Mind Treatment into every aspect of life. To paraphrase Rev. Nancy, there’s nothing too small to address with Treatment, and this morning I experienced a great example of this Truth.

I work at a facility where we are required to wear an ID badge at all times. Yesterday, I left work in a rush and inadvertently left my ID badge in my computer login slot. Luckily, my computer was locked in my office and secure until I could get back the next day, but I knew getting back onto the property and into my building and department might present a challenge without my ID. To complicate things even further, I had an early morning seminar to attend, and several employee issues to address beforehand. I needed an easy & effortless entry onto the grounds, into my building and department – all of which normally require proper ID to pass the guard at the gate, and to electronically unlock doors.

Following the principles we’re practicing from class, I did a treatment for seamless and quick (easy & effortless!) access through the gate, into my building and department. I’ll be honest – I had to remind myself more than a few times as I drove up the highway that “the treatment is done; my Good is assured“.

When I turned onto the property, the gate was up, the guard shack was dark and empty. Cars were proceeding without delay as employees filed in to begin their day.

“Thank you!” I said out loud, with a smile as I eased into a parking space next to my building.

As I headed to the back employee-entrance secure door I found I was right behind several employees who each held the door for the person behind them.

“Thank you, again!” I thought to myself.

By the time I climbed the stairs and emerged from the stairwell I knew I could gain access to my department by heading around to the front where the admin sits. But, before the stairwell exit door could close behind me, one of my colleagues came out of the back door to the department and said, “Good morning!” as she held the door open for me to enter.

Grinning widely as I unlocked my office door to retrieve my ID and finish some last minute tasks before my training seminar, I reflected on the easy & effortless flow I had experienced. From the “flow” of traffic through the gate, to the “flow” of people through the employee entrance and my effortless entrance into the back door of my department; I demonstrated a significant flow of Good in my morning!

As we often say, “Treatment works!” and I know that I am provided every day, in every way – even in seemingly mundane things like getting into work on-time without an ID!

PostScript: as if to reinforce that yesterday’s easy access to work was truly a demonstration, today when I arrived on the property there were cars lined up, and when I approached the gate the guard leaned in toward my window to get a good  look at my ID. In addition, I entered the building alone, using my ID. There was no one around the employee entrance this morning. I’m grateful for the reminder, and still in awe of yesterday’s demonstration. And so it is.


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