Our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper

As we head quickly toward celebrating the New Year, and setting sights on our own particular brand of prosperity and success, it’s easy to forget that as we make our master lists of desires for new homes, cars, jobs and more; many people are battling much more fundamental challenges day to day, and even hour to hour.

One of my daughter’s high school friends (they’re both grown up and have families now) is facing a significant challenge: Dana gave birth to a beautiful little girl less than a month ago. Little Kassidy came 5 weeks early and with a lot of medical problems that have required 3 surgeries in her 1st 2-weeks of life, and she’s got more surgeries to follow soon. She cannot nurse or eat and is in the NICU at Children’s Hospital being fed via a feeding tube.

Juggling the care of her other children, and her husband’s recent layoff (this came right after little Kassidy was born), Dana and her little family are reeling from what feels like “one bad thing after another”.

Wanting to help, my daughter set up a fundraiser to help this family keep their heads above water while Kassidy remains in the Hospital awaiting another surgery.

We’re reaching out to people everywhere, and no amount is too small. GoFundMe is easy to use, and all of the money donated goes directly to the family.

Thank you in advance for considering a donation to this young family.

Your prayers for healing of little Kassidy as well as for improvement in their financial circumstances are welcome, too.

Regardless of your gift – prayer, spiritual mind treatment or money – we are grateful for the gift of yourself that you share and know that as the teacher Jesus stated in many ways; “as you give, so shall you receive.”

May you be blessed with an abundant New Year. Abundant life and love; light and peace; beauty, joy, health & prosperity.



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