Just Another Day at Work

Today I led a seminar titled, “Take this Job,… and LOVE It!” and some very insightful learning points emerged in our activities and discussion.

There are many New Thought teachers who offer coaching for those among us who want to ditch the corporate “9-to-5” and Go Solo, but let’s face it – most of us will be working for an organization as an employee until we retire, and perhaps even beyond!

In my life I’ve worked all sorts of jobs at every level in many diverse organizations. In one of my corporate presentations I admit to “complaining my way through a lot of different organizations” 🙂

Working for anyone other than yourself can be tough; working under the constraints and bureaucracy of someone else’s idea of an ideal workplace adds another layer of challenge to that mix, but as we learned today – you don’t have to choose between Going Solo and being miserable. You do need to change your mindset about the things at work that make you miserable.

If you’re not happy at work, but you don’t know what you would do to find happier work, you might want to check out my eBook, “Finding Your Way: uncover your path to a better job” (it’s designed to help you discover work that gives more back to you than it takes away, whether in your current job or somewhere else).

If you already know what you want to do, but can’t do that right now (or believe that you cannot), here’s the affirmation today’s seminar attendees received on a card to carry with them when they left today:

I’m grateful for my job! Every day my

knowledge, skills & abilities expand.

I recognize each colleague, manager

& employee as an important life teacher.

I welcome every task & situation as a

chance to fully express my unique gifts.

I am thankful for this job & all

the good it brings into my life!

Write it down and tuck it into your wallet, stick it on your computer monitor, on your cork board or overhead office cabinet. Affirm this each day when you arrive, and again before you leave (read it to yourself silently if necessary); work these statements into your actions at work, and watch the magic start to unfold. Then you too can take your job,…and LOVE IT!

Take this Job & LOVE it


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