A Kind & Creative Project

At the end of some of the SOM classes in the Practitioner curriculum, students are tasked with developing a creative project to share with the class on the last night. In the past few years that I have been taking classes, I have seen some wonderful projects! Songs, dances, artwork that inspires and poetry that touches the soul. There’s simply no end to the diverse creativity that shows up on these nights.

The class, “Building a Healing Consciousness” is focused on creating a vision for a better world. Therefore, the class project is intended to represent our view of a better world. Simple, complex or somewhere in between, the only requirements are that it be based on our concept of our personal contribution to a better world.

In a previous and related class, I created a course packet for young girls when they are being shunned by “friends”. It’s detailed here in a previous blog.

My project tonight (this is the last night of class) is focused on KINDNESS.

Kindness is something I am working on, moving toward, struggling with, and succeeding on in some small way – every day. Over the years I realized that I had grown more impatient, more dismissive, more irritated & more short tempered with people around me. My default thoughts had become “you’re an idiot!” when someone didn’t do what I thought they needed to do: in traffic, at work, and pretty much all around town. As I read and studied more New Thought authors and teachers (gotta give Dr. Wayne Dyer props here), I realized that while my impatience was, to some people, funny & entertaining; I was not at all living an inspired (in Spirit) life, and was wholly ignoring the concept that we are all One.

I still get frustrated when people seem to do stupid things (especially when I’m sure they know better!), and I’m MUCH better in traffic than I once was, but can on occasion feel the urge to respond negatively and aggressively; AND I still have a lot of conversations with myself after interacting with certain people who set off ALL of my triggers,…BUT – I’ve come a long, long way from where I started. While I know I still have a lot of work to do, I also know that I’ve moved forward light years in comparison.

So, tonight my little project is a reminder for me (mostly) and others to “Sprinkle each day with kindness” (I made a watering can for each of us in the class)

Sprinkle Each Day

This little, metal watering can holds 4 buttercream mints in a Smiley wrapper, and a Kindness Coin with a message of kindness on it, like” Kindness Speaks All Languages” or “A kind look, a kind deed; may be the help that someone needs” or “Sow seeds of kindness wherever you go. Care and thanks will surely grow

I had fun coming up with this little project, and know that my classmates will enjoy the little treat, but mostly I am grateful for my own journey into a kinder state of mind. Life just works better when kindness is the foundation of all that we say and do.

And so it is!


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