More than money

I often write about how walking an inspired life helps cover us in situations where money is the issue. I’ve outlined how missing checks have returned, potential overdrafts have been circumvented and how a leaky roof, an unexpected bonus and a busy season conspired to teach me that I’m always provided.

Recently I’ve begun to recall incidents where I’ve been VERY provided, but money was not involved. For example, last month I was participating on a high-level committee that was dealing with a serious and important issue at the hospital where I work. There was a lot at stake for me professionally as well as for the issue we had undertaken.

One morning as I headed over to the 8:30 meeting, I was ahead of schedule so I stopped by the coffee kiosk and grabbed a Starbucks. Pleased with my timing that day, I proceeded to the meeting room where the entire rest of the team awaited. 

“What time did you think this meeting was?” the leader asked.

I looked at him somewhat befuddled.

“Eight-thirty,” I answered as I glanced at my watch.

“The meeting invitation said 8am,” he said, but before I could get sick to my stomach, one of the physicians spoke up and said he thought it was an 8:30 meeting too.

“Well, it doesn’t matter – our featured guest can’t get off the floor until 8:30, so I guess you’re right on time.”

I felt faint and relieved at the same time.

Being late to this meeting would NOT have been a good thing, but like the bonus money that showed up when I needed a roof repair, a physician also had the wrong time – AND – our featured guest (the sole purpose for this meeting) was unavailable to meet with us until 8:30.

Our guest showed up, we took care of our meeting business and went on our way.

As I returned to my office that day I felt immense gratitude for once again “being provided” in a way that was as important – and maybe more important – than any of the financial issues I’ve dealt with since beginning to study these principles.

Before studying these principles I would have beaten myself up for getting the time wrong, chastised myself for some perceived shortcoming, and allowed the situation to ruin the rest of my day and possibly week. 

The difference between now and then is that now I start each day by setting an intention to be open and receptive to all the Good the Universe has to offer. The best part is that my Good shows up time and time again, just as it did in the form of a physician and a perfectly-timed late guest.

We are provided, always and in all ways.


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