Monday, Monday

the_mamas_and_the_papas-monday_mondayI fondly recall the music of the 1960’s as it formed the backdrop of so many of my early memories. My parents were young parents, and I was often in the company of older cousins and babysitters, several of whom were straight-up hippies. One of my favorite groups from that time period is The Mama’s and the Papa’s, and along with California Dreamin’ my favorite Mama’s and Papa’s songs include Monday, Monday.

I was much older before I realized it was a fairly hopeless message.

“Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day
Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way.”

Few people love Mondays – especially on Sunday nights! I’ve read that more heart attacks occur on Monday mornings. Wednesday gets a Camel for a spokesperson and everyone loves Friday, but Monday? I suspect it’s dead last in the weekday popularity contest, but does it need to be?

We give away our power to create our experiences when we give in to “the way it’s always been” and I’m suggesting Monday’s bad rap is misplaced. We hate Monday because,…(well everyone hates Monday,…right?). What if we decided that Monday was as good a day as Tuesday or even Wednesday with its hump day status and started reacting to Monday differently?

In truth we get to choose what kind of day Monday is for us. Is it a terrible day; the start to the dreaded work week? Or is it a day of new experiences and adventures that we may not know are coming our way? Can we look at Monday with the expectancy of hope instead of the certainty of dread? What if we viewed Monday as the gateway to new experiences – some with the potential to change our lives for the better?

We can’t change Mondays from following Sundays, and most of us will live with the fact that Monday starts the work week until we retire. We can either resign ourselves to experiencing dread and misery somewhere around 50 times a year (that’s 500 times in a decade) or we can decide that Monday is just Monday until we decide what to make of it.

Here are some new ways to look at Mondays.

Mondays are the reminder that we have jobs – many people would love to have a job to go to on Monday morning. Let’s be grateful for ours.

Mondays are another day we can smile, laugh, love and experience life. If you’re driving to work and parking in you-know-where-Egypt, before you grumble remind yourself that there are thousands of people who would love to have the ability to walk anywhere – even across a large parking lot,… in the rain,… without an umbrella.

Mondays are the reminder that life is full of second, and third (and more) chances. Just as we can return to work Monday with a new attitude, new energy; we can return to other areas in our lives with renewed attitudes and energy. What if we allowed Mondays to be the day we ponder other areas in our lives that need a second chance or fresh start?

Mondays are what we make them. I choose to make mine awesome, and invite you to do the same.

(this post was originally published on the author’s LinkedIn page)


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