Perfect Timing

Since really “downloading” the principles that form the foundation of Prosperity, things have seemed to literally open up in front of me. Here are just a few examples.

Every day as I encounter bumper to bumper traffic where people are jockeying to merge, 1 or 2 cars will merge in to the other lane just before I pull up beside them, opening up the perfect space for me to ease over at the exact right time.

Parking places also seem to open up for me with perfect timing.

Parking is at a PREMIUM at my workplace, and yet – even on the most jam packed days – I find a parking spot in my regular lot. Today was an extra exciting demonstration as I pulled in after being at the other location (across town) for a meeting, and found no spaces in the lower lot where I normally park.

I didn’t get upset, and kept knowing that the perfect parking place was waiting for me. I drove to the upper lot and circled there, still finding no open spots.

At this point in previous years I would have gotten irritated but I have learned that is a zero-sum-game. I kept knowing that the perfect parking spot was waiting for me. I even said out loud a couple time, “I know that the perfect parking place is here for me”.

Finding nothing, I left the upper lot and headed back through the first lot (that was filled on my first pass), and voila! the perfect spot opened up just as I came around the bend.

As if the traffic and parking weren’t enough good breaks, I had a “bank event” that also made my week (I’ve had a few of these). I currently have a check out for $200. It has not been cashed yet. Last night my checking balance said $172.27 and I was unable to do anything about it until after my 11am meeting today. However, at some point between when I saw the lowered balance and the end of my 11am meeting, my health insurance company mistakenly deposited ~$50 in my checking account.

After my meeting I was able to take cash from another account and deposit it into my main checking account so that when the $200 check comes in, I’m covered.  I also called the doctor’s office and let them know so we could make it right (that $50 was supposed to be reimbursed to them, not me). In the meantime, though – that misdirected $50 saved me from a lot of stress, the potential for a bounced check, a headache and some onerous fees!

A good parking spot, easy traffic navigation, an unexpected deposit – all of these and more are demonstrations of the Abundance that comes to us without effort when we shift into KNOWING that we are provided; always and in all ways.

I am grateful for these principles, and the opportunity to be AWED and inspired each time they unfold perfectly right in front of me.  And so it is.

parking space


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