Spiritual Mind Treatment for Peace at Work

Dan Morris Peace Dove_smIt’s (almost) Monday – the day some of us dread due to the negative things that may wait for us at the office or in the workplace.

Here is a Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative, scientific prayer) that you can use if there are people at work creating drama, unnecessary conflict and generally making it hard to think about going to work!

There is one Power, one Presence – the Infinite Spirit of Goodness that is everywhere, in all; omnipresent. I Am One with this Infinite Spirit which expresses in, as and through me and reminds me in each moment of my Divine Connection with all of life.

I know that Divine Harmony follows me everywhere, especially at work.

I express perfect love, perfect peace, perfect power and perfect joy  and these qualities are reflected back to me in every person I  encounter. I am surrounded with reasonable and peaceful people who  desire the highest and best Good from every situation and person. My employees are  content, engaged, and competent and we work together harmoniously and efficiently. We all do what needs to be done, and our working relationships are peaceful and balanced.

I am grateful for the easy resolution to all conflict at work! I embrace the Truth that Spirit is all, and know that in every interaction, each situation at work and everywhere else the Infinite Spirit of Good resides.

I give thanks for the ease in my communications with my employees and their understanding of my words and actions, knowing that perfect peace and harmony is the outcome.

I release and let go, knowing that all the many details in my many different work relationships are already resolved for Good and that the positive results of any and all interactions all are already in place.

And so it is.


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