Attitudes: the mask of vibrational energy

consciousnessI’ve been thinking lately about words, deeds and attitudes. In the workplace, a good attitude can take you far, whereas the same skill set and  workload in someone with a bad attitude will land them in some hot water, or at least a number of counseling sessions with the boss.

We observe attitudes in many places outside the workplace, too. Cashiers and clerks in the stores where we shop have attitudes – some of them good and others not so much. Our neighbors, the people in our community, the members of our church or spiritual center and our families – all display their attitudes to us on a continual basis, as we display ours to them.

Attitudes, I believe, are simply outward expressions of our energy or vibrational level. As an outward-facing expression, we can fake them and we’ve all done this at one time or another.

There are times at work when you really don’t want to help your colleague with a project, but you are asked and you do it without a ‘tude. There are also times when we see someone cheerfully participating in some event or project and their smiling face and loud laughter doesn’t quite match what we know to be their feelings on the issue.

While it is important to keep a good attitude at work, in community groups and with family and friends; it’s  MORE important to pay attention to where we are vibrating; our energy level or as Dr. David Hawkins puts it: our level of consciousness.

I can think back over my life to any number of events where I was vibrating at a low energy level, but putting on as good an outward face as was possible. While many around me were fooled, the Universe was keenly aware of my vibrational energy and I wasn’t getting away with it.

It has been my experience that when I’m grudgingly participating or sharing something or condescendingly helping or giving (but faking the spiritual generosity), the Universe makes sure I get a reminder that I need to shift, and now. Most of the time these reminders aren’t very pleasant: one time I dislocated my knee, while another time my ankle gave out and in mid-sentence, I fell to the ground (this had never happened before and it hasn’t happened since – my ankle was fine; my energy was not!). There have been other, less intense reminders, but reminders all the same. I’ve become very aware of my energy and INTENTION when engaged in anything that has the slightest possibility of shifting me into that dangerous vibrational energy or level of consciousness zone.

I am also very good at picking up the vibrational energy of others. I can spot an attitude faker from 50-paces, and I have to be very careful not to slip into condescending thinking about them, since the universe seems to exact quick and intense correction on me when I step out of line. If it’s someone I know well, I’ll comment or try to coach them into talking about it. If, as it is most of the time, it’s someone I can’t have that discussion with, I am careful to encourage a broader view, or the consideration of the other side of the story. This happens a lot with people at work and sometimes I make a note to avoid their areas for at least a few weeks as I am certain the Universe has them on a list for “a lesson” that I’m not anxious to learn with them.

While it’s a helpful skill to read the energy of others, we’re really here on this planet to worry about our own. Take some time to think about how you felt on the inside over the past few weeks as you worked and collaborated with others, and handled projects on your own. Were you at peace; happy to contribute your time and expertise? Were you miserable and angry that this took time away from things you’d rather have done? Was it a mixed curse? Did you do a good deed but delight in how you were going to “show someone up” along the way?

We are all at different points on our own, unique paths. If we’re still learning and moving forward in consciousness, it’s all Good! If on the other hand, we’re stuck and the negatives keep coming even though we’re giving, helping, supporting and doing a lot for others,…it’s time for an energy check to see what lies behind the mask (our attitude).

Dr. David Hawkins‘ research on the Levels of Consciousness is fascinating and you can read more about it in his book, Power vs. Force. One particularly fascinating aspect of his research is that most of the world is vibrating at or below 200…

While we can’t change others, we can always change ourselves, and in doing so shine the light of love, joy, peace and maybe even enlightenment as a beacon to the rest of the world.

And so it is.



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