Just 2 Chairs

“It has been proved that by thinking correctly and by a conscious mental use of the law of Mind, we can cause It to do definite things for us, through us. By conscious thinking, we give conscious direction to It, and It, consciously or unconsciously, responds to our advance along the line of our conscious, or subjective direction.”  

Ernest Holmes in ‘The Science of Mind’

The Empty Chair

The Center for Spiritual Living that I am affiliated with took a leap of faith a little less than a year ago that had no guaranteed outcomes; promised a whole lot of hard work for people who already have full-time jobs and careers, and introduced a decent amount of risk. A small band of us decided to take that leap; agreed that we had not learned these principles in vain and that we were unwilling to give up on the belief that this mid-sized city can support a vibrant, thriving and active Science of Mind community.

We knew on a very deep level that despite what appeared to be the reality in the physical world, we had the vision, the tools and the sheer determination to not only keep the Center’s doors open, but to grow and expand beyond where we were at that time (we were in pretty bad shape). We also knew it would not be easy.

We took on higher rent for a more welcoming and accessible space. We invested in programming that sometimes fell short of our intended revenue goals (although they always met and exceeded our spiritual goals). We initiated regular and unflinching tithing to our local community – a new practice for the Center – and we hung in there through some pretty rough times.

We’ve not reached our summit, nor even a halfway point on our climb; but we have grown stronger, more resilient, and smarter on this path. We have learned difficult lessons and faced hard truths – about ourselves, and others. We have had some fun times and some painful ones, and through it all we have had no assurances that all of this would work out or end in success.

Sometimes we asked ourselves in the dark, quiet silence of the night if we were chasing a dream that few others shared. Other times we were certain this was the right direction in which to move, only to have our goals questioned by the business realities (little r) in front of us.

All through this, however; this same small core group has refused to give up on the teaching – on the words of Ernest Holmes  about how to use this Law of Mind.

As I looked around at the people I was sharing the Sunday Celebration with this morning, I realized that our dogged determination to hold fast to the Truth, knowing that by the conscious mental use of the Law of Mind we are indeed moving in the right direction; we are [daily] giving conscious direction to It and It is responding.

While there are many ways to measure growth and advancement, today I noticed it in 2 empty chairs;  the 2 chairs left unoccupied once the service began. I’m not sure if Ernest Holmes ever met Winston Churchill, but it seems fitting, especially today, to allow quotes from both men to bookend this blog post.


And so it is.


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