Prepare BEFORE the Bad News

RecessionI have cut back on my news consumption over the past couple of years, but I still read the Washington Post, New York Times (and to a lesser extent the Chicago Sun Times and LA Times); I catch highlights from the Wall Street Journal  and have a couple favorite national news show hosts that I like to watch at least once a week. Plugging in to news on this regular schedule can make it challenging not to go negative. It can also be a great opportunity to study the working of principle in the face of all bad news, all the time.

Over the past few days I’ve picked up some noise in the 24-hour news cycle, and it’s not great news for those who struggle to know that their abundance does not come from their jobs or bank accounts. The noise/news? Economists are warning of the risks of a new recession.

Here’s the bad news: the angst around this prediction will set in and the external world will appear to produce “evidence” that things are going from bad to worse. The GOOD news is that we’re being given a bit of a heads up, which means we have time to fortify our knowledge (knowing) and strengthen our beliefs on where our prosperity and abundance originates (HINT: it has nothing to do with the stock market, interest rates or the Fed).

All that we have comes from Spirit. External circumstances are irrelevant: what matters is what we believe, what we KNOW to be the truth about the Source of our supply.

Learning this on a deep level takes some time, and the more stressed we are about our financial circumstances, the harder it is to really incorporate these Truths into our very being. One of the biggest challenges I have seen with those new to Spirit as Source is the tendency to manage the “how” this will manifest into their lives. Mike Dooley says it best: “stay out of the cursed HOWS“.  In other words, don’t micromanage the Universe!

Another important tidbit to remember: Spirit as our Source is not another way to describe Publisher’s Clearinghouse showing up at your house. We are provided in each moment. I’ve shared many stories of how this has happened in my life, and often it’s not just money that shows up when I need it, but other circumstances move in alignment with my need. Two clear examples include the potential bounced check that came back for my signature and my leaky roof. One added item on the leaky roof experience that didn’t make it into that blog was that I received an unexpected bonus very close to that time which covered the roof repairs.

These seemingly small incidents happen all the time when we plug into Source, but it does take some time to calm down, recognize the hand of the Universe and know (KNOW!) that we’re going to be OK.

So,…the pundits of peril are gearing up to scare the bejeezus out of us about our financial futures, but I don’t plan to play along, and I invite you to join me.


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