Spirit Sense

No fluLike many who walk the spiritual path, I believe that the only limitations in healing, creating the lives we want and manifesting the prosperity and abundance we desire are self-imposed limitations. In other words, with Spirit, all things are possible!

I also believe that we have a responsibility to do our part. I don’t think that willingly sitting down in the middle of a busy freeway and praying not to get hit by a car is a wise use of spiritual principles.

When it comes to the flu scare (all the rage this time of year), I’ll admit I struggle a bit. I don’t like getting the flu shot and frankly, have always gotten a worse case of the flu than in the years when I didn’t get the shot. Yes, that’s anecdotal, and I know that there is a whole wagon filled with science on the reasons we should all get flu shots, but for me – it’s kinda like online dating. When you’ve met 10 creeps for every halfway decent guy, it’s hard to believe a) that there are nice guys who date online, and b) that you should continue to subject yourself to the process.

The challenge in staying “flu-free” is multiplied when everyone – on TV, at work in the grocery, drug and discount stores and plastered all over billboards and busses – keeps reminding us that the FLU IS EVERYWHERE and that we should BE AFRAID (and of course, get a flu shot)!

Working an effective denial treatment on this can be tough for even the most intrepid practitioners among us but; when you combine some good, old-fashioned common sense with Truth principles you can realize phenomenal results.

We know that the flu is a virus, and that it can live on surfaces that we touch, like door handles, counters, and common areas (and for my infection control friends out there, yes – the flu is spread by droplet contamination which means that if someone sneezes on you and they have the flu, you’ll get blasted with viral particles). We also know that hand washing is one of the most effective (non-spiritual) methods for preventing the spread of the flu (and cold) virus.

If you had a mother or grandmother that was close to the earth (rural), you probably heard at one time or another growing up; “sleep is nature’s healer“.  Lastly, we know that staying hydrated (drinking lots of water) also helps to keep our immune systems strong as does eating natural, healthy foods.

I have successfully avoided the flu for several years now, using these simple steps (in reverse order of importance).

  1. Eating fruits, vegetables, lean protein and avoiding junk food
  2. Extreme hand hygiene (including not ever touching door handles at work by using a clean tissue or paper towel) and lots of hand sanitizer and soap and water (and of course, lotion).
  3. Drinking water equal to 1/2 of my body weight in ounces (if you weigh 100 lbs, you should drink 50 oz of water), daily (2nd most important).
  4. Getting at a minimum, 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night and 8 hours as often as you can (MOST important).

Sleep, drinking water, good nutrition, and common sense on where flu and cold germs reside in combination with knowing the Truth (that we are healthy and our immune systems are perfectly suited to ward off any challenge!) can provide a robust defense against the worst cold or flu bug.

I have found that when we combine spiritual principles with natural wisdom and common sense, we can reap tremendous results – even in the midst of great winds blowing against us.

Have a happy and healthy Winter season!


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