Love is the Answer

This morning in the United States as we reflect on the horror that unfolded in Paris last night, we struggle to understand WHY someone would do this to fellow human beings, and HOW we can prevent this from happening again.

The answers to both questions are being debated on the 24/7 news outlets and will include the usual offerings of tougher sanctions, increased surveillance and military readiness.

I don’t profess to know the answer to this particular issue, but I do know a greater Truth that applies to us on an individual level – when we are dealing with people in our own lives that we seem incapable of reaching and communicating  with effectively: LOVE is the only answer.

When I say LOVE I mean the love that recognizes that we are all One; that sees in that other person a reflection of our own struggles and challenges, as well as the Good that resides in us both.

As spiritual communities across the world struggle to respond in peace and in love, as individuals, we can know that LOVE and only love is the answer to this great challenge. It will be difficult to avoid feelings of anger, and many will want some form of retribution – especially those close to the situation.

If we cannot imagine HOW to love in situations like this, we can begin by knowing only love for those impacted, and let the seed of love be planted there in the midst of the tragedy. A larger understanding will come if we allow it, and if we are patient.

Knowing that the One power and One presence abides in, as and through each one of us on this small planet, I align myself with the LOVE that emanates from the One and courses through every molecule, cell and tissue in my body. I open my heart to feel only this love as I hold the city of Paris in my thoughts, knowing that where love is needed, love appears.

I withhold any judgment that may come into my awareness at this time, and I hold the families of the perpetrators in my thoughts, knowing that love is needed there, too and perhaps is needed in even greater amounts. I commit to sending love into the midst of this entire situation in my thoughts, in my words, in my writing and in my prayers, knowing that what we put out, returns to us multiplied.

I am grateful for the knowledge of this Truth – that we are One, and that there is only Love. I release this to the Infinite Spirit, wrapped in love, and knowing that Good will come out of this great sadness if we are  open to receive it.   And so it is.


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