A Sense of Humor


In case you’re not already aware, the Universe has a sense of humor.

Lately I have had a number of invitations to kick off change movements as a motivational speaker for organizations who want to shift the energy among their employees. In my presentations I talk about when things come into our conscious awareness, we notice them more often and use the example of when we catch a glimpse of a new or different car since most of us have had that experience at one time or another.

Sometimes this happens when we’re shopping for a new car; other times it’s just a car we notice. In my case it was a car I noticed.

One day in traffic a little over a year ago, I noticed a small, square, green car. It looked so unusual to me that I took note of the make and the model. The color was also interesting to me – a sort of pea green. I found out that it was a KIA Soul and the paint color was Alien Green.

Prior to that day I had not noticed these cars among the thousands of cars on the road in rush hour each week. After noticing and then looking up the details on it, like the name of the color; suddenly I began to see Alien Green KIA Souls everywhere. It was like some Troll in a cave opened the gate and sent 3 to 5 of these things out to stalk me every week.

But there are no Trolls. Only my own shift in awareness that is now tuned in to see Alien Green KIA Souls among the sea of other vehicles. In my talks I suggest that negativity, like the Alien Green KIA’s, can also be part of our scenery until something happens (like attending one of my talks) to shift our attention to negative talk or complaining.

All of a sudden, we hear people we have listened to and worked with for years opening their mouths and pouring out all kinds of negative talk. Unfortunately, it’s easier to see this in others than ourselves. Will Bowen – founder of the Complaint Free World non-profit – says that complaining is like bad breath: we tend to notice it when it comes out of someone else’s mouth, and not so much when it comes out of our mouth.

Anyway – back to the Universe and its sense of humor. I was in Louisiana last week presenting to a hospital system and as always, shared my Alien Green KIA Soul story with them.

When I pulled into the rental car return lot at the airport, the only spot open for my rental to park was right next to (you guessed it) an Alien Green KIA Soul!

I took that as a “high 5” from the Universe for a job well done. I suppose it could also be that those Trolls have colleagues in every state, but I prefer to focus on the positive and know that it was a wink from the Universe that “all is well”.


(( originally posted at a different blog by the same author ))


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