Begin where you are right now

“Don’t look at how little there is – start with what you’ve got, and God will add the increase!”    ~ Edwene Gaines

When I teach prosperity it is not uncommon for someone to pull me aside at the break or contact me afterward to explain that while they enjoyed my presentation, this “stuff” really couldn’t work for them because,… and then they launch into a laundry list of all the barriers they have to prosperity in their lives.

They’ve missed the point – entirely – and I have to fight feeling like a total failure at this point.

I have mentioned the movie The Secret many times, and while I remain grateful for its explosion into the mainstream and the introduction that it provided to many people seeking deeper spiritual learning (me included); the mass media presentation of the Law of Attraction has created a whole strata of folks who believe that if they’re not living like Jack Canfield or Oprah Winfrey …they’re failing. This superficial treatment of spiritual law has also created a false sense (for those who don’t study further) that all they have to do is think, and stuff shows up (like the red bicycle in the movie).

I prefer Wayne Dyer’s explanation as I believe it more accurately portrays how spiritual law works. He explains that we attract what we ARE, not what we think about. A few years ago I watched his then-new movie, The Shift and I have to confess while I liked it; it did not speak to me the way that it has more recently when I watched it. It’s available at Hay House, and many libraries also have it in their collections to borrow, but I digress.

My point is that we can all attract prosperity; increase our abundance and expand our Good,…but we have to start where we are; begin with who we are. One step at a time.

Look around. Give thanks for what you have, and take a little step forward. If you want to be more athletic but you’re out of shape, get up and start walking; park further away from the office, and take the stairs as often as possible. Work up to jogging or dancing or lifting weights, and recognize that there is a journey to all we want to achieve.

Prosperity and abundance are no different. Look around at what you do have, and give thanks for all of it. Feel the gratitude for this Good and know that it comes to you from the Universe (or God, or Spirit). As you recognize, celebrate and feel gratitude for what you have, you open yourself to the flow of MORE into your life and as you recognize this increase you will instinctively know how to continue to allow more into your life.

We don’t move from french fry cook to regional franchise manager in a week, and we won’t go from struggling with lack to millionaire’s row overnight. True abundance is a journey that begins right here where we are, and unfolds one step at a time.


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