Magic of the Golden Key

The Golden KeySeveral weeks back I spoke on a topic that Emmet Fox often taught: the Golden Key. For those of you unfamiliar with the Golden Key, it’s a very simple concept, and one that Dr. Fox promised would solve any problem. Now that’s a promise!

Using the Golden Key, or “turning the Golden Key” or “golden keying” someone or something simply means turning your attention away from the problem, or the problematic person, and putting your attention on something Good.

For example, if you are struggling with a lack of money; change your thoughts and your talk away from what you don’t have and think only of the generosity of Spirit. If you are at odds with someone in a relationship, turn your attention away from the turmoil of the relationship and focus on the wonders that are love, peace, beauty and joy – qualities of God.

The longer I study spiritual principles the more strongly I feel that this stuff is very simple. There’s no mantra to memorize and no long drawn-out prayer sequence to learn; simply shift your focus and your circumstances will change! In the movie  The Secret, which I have both celebrated and criticized, Michael Bernard Beckwith shared a piece of this wisdom with the world:

“Energy flows where our attention goes.”  ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

It really is that simple. Look away. Change your focus. Immerse yourself in something positive. Take your ENERGY away from whatever it is that is vexing you, and put that energy into something Good: the beauty of Spring flowers, the gentle touch of a breeze, the peaceful early morning snowfall, the food you have left in the cupboard, the love of family, the friends who have brightened your years, your car or the bus that takes you to work,…and on and on. Just a couple days ago I was feeling a little blue, so I cut some of the daffodils in my front yard and made a happy bouquet in my living room. It was a simple, but lovely and present reminder that Spring always follows Winter; that life is perpetual and that there is beauty and joy everywhere. It was also free – those daffodils have come back year after year for the past 20 years.

There’s so much in all of our lives that is good and that reflects the qualities of Spirit. And all we have to do to bring more of this into our lives is change the focus of our thoughts and attention.  You can do this, and when you do your life will change for the better. I handed out laminated wallet cards for people to take a reminder with them. One of our members found a metal (jewelry) golden key that she wears on a chain around her neck. Others took a picture of it the card and made it the background on their cell phone or computer home screen and still others just slipped it into their purse or wallet.

The next time life seems to be handing you trouble, turn your golden key. Shift your attention to the Good in your life, and watch your experience begin to change in ways that are sure to surprise you. And so it is.



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