Treatment, blessing, gratitude


One of my favorite treatises on the issue of unresolved treatment can be found in Ernest Holmes’ book, The Science of Mind, chapter 14 (Physical Perfection) where he wrote:


“The reason people do not get better results is that they do not understand that Principle works independently . . . the Truth demonstrates Itself!”

That being the case, it’s still not uncommon to hear people in spiritual circles discuss unanswered prayer, or undemonstrated treatment.

I’ve been treating for that for so long now, and still no movement

I believe that the challenge lies in an incomplete comprehension around accessing the Divine healing power of prayer. From little up, many religious traditions teach that the God we seek is a far away Being to whom we pray, beseeching in time of need and thanking like a benevolent grandparent when things go well.

While New Thought teachers work hard to shift that perspective, the concept that prayer is akin to asking and hoping for a favorable decision from the high court is deeply ingrained in North American culture, especially.

Recent events in my own life inspired me to think on this topic, and wonder what our lives might look like if we began to take Ernest Holmes’ treatise seriously – to know that we are dealing with a Law – and  act accordingly.

Would we be able to handle the influx of demonstrations and blessings?

We know and understand (at a perfunctory level) the Law of Gravity and we act accordingly in our everyday lives.  We avoid walking off the edge of high cliffs; we don’t leave windows open around pets and small children, and we guard things from falling off of tables and shelves that we don’t want to break.

What if we began to treat the Law of Mind with similar deference, where we would engage Treatment (or prayer)  for our issue(s), bless the outcome – acknowledging that we accept the Highest Good for us and all involved – and then commence thinking and speaking gratitude over the outcome.

“I’m grateful for this healing”

“I’m thankful that my bills are always paid and that I am always provided”

“I’m so pleased with the positive outcome to this relationship challenge”

Too often we nullify our Treatment by speaking it (or having the word spoken for us – nod to Florence Scovel Shinn), and running around thinking and talking about how it’s not likely to happen. We then get nervous and do more Treatment, or seek more prayer,…just to start that cycle over again.

Louise Hay’s example of the tomato seed is one of the best. She reminds us that we don’t plant a seed, and then in a couple days dig it up to see if anything’s happening. We plant the seed, water it, pull weeds away and expect it to grow, because we know that there’s a Law and that if we follow nature’s nod, it’s going to grow.

Let’s try this the next time we’re seeking a solution to something through Spiritual Mind Treatment, or prayer of any kind.

Treat, Bless and Thank!

When you’re tempted to do another treatment (for the same thing), ask for continued prayer or feel inadequate or unworthy, remember that little tomato seed. There’s a Law, and it will manifest if you feed/water it by keeping your thoughts clear (knowing that the treatment has been done); and expect it by giving thanks as if it’s already here/answered/resolved.

And so it is.

You must unlearn what you have learned,…” ~Yoda, Jedi Master


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