Bigger than a tithe

givingOne of the many highlights of my own spiritual journey has been the opportunity to meet and study with Edwene Gaines at her beautiful retreat center, Rock Ridge in Valley Head, Alabama.  Learn more about her many retreat and seminar offerings here and if you can, I encourage you to attend one!

Edwene teaches about prosperity from the biblical and spiritual perspective, using many of the Bible’s scriptures to illustrate the promises God has for us in terms of our abundance in this life, like this one:

And God will generously provide all you need; you will always have what you need & plenty left over to share with others. [2 Corinthians 9:8]

This short, simple statement packs a punch (and a lot of wisdom) into 23 words. Many of us begin our spiritual journeys when things aren’t going great in our lives. Whether we’re out of money, down on our luck, heartbroken, sick or just sick & tired of the ways things are in our lives, we often seek out the wisdom of Spirit to “fix” things.

If abundance and prosperity is part of the package we need to fix, one of the first things we learn from spiritual teachers is to tithe, or give 10% of everything we earn. There are varying strains of advice on where to give; Edwene teaches that we should give where we receive spiritual food; others teach that we should just give.  I agree with all of these – give where you receive spiritual food and give where it feeds your soul to give – just give, but it doesn’t stop there.

Giving extends beyond what we pull out of our purses and into every aspect of our lives. We are not off the hook if we tithe on one day, but are stingy with non-monetary gifts the rest of the week.

Do we give space on the highway when others want to merge? Do we give a smile to people we see on the street but don’t know? Do we give a break to someone who was rude to us, allowing them to have a bad day without taking it personally or declaring war? You get the picture.

Giving  activates the Law of Circulation, which always brings back to us what we put forth and as promised, you will always have what you need & plenty left over to share with others.

Take stock of your giving this week, and see if you can up your portion. The results will bless you many times over!

And so it is.


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