Healing by any other name

Kitties 2015

Calli (top) and Ganny

Often when I talk to people outside of my spiritual circles and I mention “religious science” they ask if we’re those people who don’t believe in doctors, medicine and other mainstream interventions. For clarification, this teaching’s foundation does not prescribe the channels through which healing can occur. Sometimes it’s spontaneous and at other times the channels are physicians, medication or other interventions.

I’m thankful for the shift in name of the main organization to Centers for Spiritual Living so to mitigate some of the misperceptions around the term “religious science” and yet I have met some in the teaching who remain reticent (on a good day!) to seek out medical attention for any ailment and rely solely on Spiritual Mind Treatment.

I’m not keen to get into anyone’s personal business but my experience has been that these spiritual principles work best when we refrain from micromanaging the HOW. The question becomes, “How do I know which path to take?”

I recently had an incident with one of my cats that I think illustrates the answer to this beautifully.

Callisto (“Calli”) and Ganymede (“Ganny”) are litter-mate siblings who came to me as kittens in 2009. I was traveling back to back earlier this month and on my brief return home in the middle of the travel I noticed that Calli had eaten normally when I got home, but that the next evening she let her brother eat all the wet food, and by the next day she was hiding under my bed – a very unusual behavior for her. I did a Treatment knowing that her health was perfect, whole and complete and went to work.

When I got home from work she was still under the bed and would not even nibble her favorite flavor of cat food. I realize that sometimes pets get ill and just need some time, but was this a case of “needs some time” or did I need to take her to the Vet? Instead of putting the Vet visit up as a win/lose counter to Treatment, I spent a few minutes in quiet meditation and felt the nudge to take her to the Vet.

Once at the Vet we realized that she had some string wound tightly around the base of her tongue. If it was recent and her intestines had not begun to “bunch”, it would be as simple as sedating her and snipping the offending string. I held to my initial Treatment that she was perfect, whole and complete and that all was well. When the Vet or physician says “I want to do some X-rays” or other testing it can be a challenge to hold on to the conviction that all IS well, but I kept knowing that the guidance I had felt was true, and this was all going to work out – no matter what.

As it turned out, the string had not injured her tongue, her intestines were in good shape and today (more than a week later) I am happy to report that my kitty is back to her usual kitty-self!

If I had allowed the FEAR that I felt about what might have been wrong to avoid the Vet (you know that we do this sometimes), Calli would have suffered much longer, and had to endure surgery which would have also been a much more significant impact on my wallet.

This incident so clearly showed me the importance of relying on Treatment and also allowing the quiet nudges of Spirit to direct my steps. Healing comes from the Infinite, but there are many different channels through which this healing is brought into our experience. Veterinarians, physicians, nurses, therapists and others are often these channels, so we should not automatically write them off as not being a part of our Treatment demonstration – sometimes they hold the key to our miracle!

If I were to be so bold as to suggest something additional be added to teaching those new to this spiritual path it would be a step that specifically voices the encouragement to allow gentle nudges from Spirit to be heard/felt.

“I release and I let go, knowing that this is already done in Mind, and I remain open and receptive to the gentle hand of Spirit guiding my steps in this demonstration of Good. And so it is.”

I’ve written before about Treating and moving our Feet. It works when we’re hungry,  experiencing an illness in ourselves or our pets and in every other area of our life.

Treat, Know, Listen and Take Guided Action.

And so it is.


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