Fishing Lessons

FishingIf you’re much past the age of 20 you’ve no doubt heard this phrase:

Give someone a fish, they can eat for a day; teach someone to fish and they can eat for a lifetime.”

The lesson is profound, quite clear, and applicable across many disciplines, contexts and topics. I grew up with parents who thought this way and I carried the concept with me into teaching practice as a University professor. It applies to practical training and spiritual learning; makes sense for formal alliances as in the ones we make in business, and for personal relationships, friends, and family. Today I want to nudge each of us to ask ourselves the question in a larger context.

How have I “taught someone to fish” from a spiritual perspective?

This can be tricky from the metaphysical perspective since many believe that people’s own consciousness will move them to seek out spiritual learning when the time is right. Certainly when we teach classes we are practicing “Lifetime Fishing 101”, but think about other times that we may be teaching, but doing so unintentionally.

How do we handle stress, or conflict, or perceptions of lack? How do we respond when our own lives take a turn for what seems on the surface to be “for the worse“?

Many are already walking and talking the lessons of Truth that can show others how to navigate similar circumstances in their lives. I’ll confess, though that while my own intentions are good, I do still sometimes catch myself reverting to old patterns of fear, until I stop and ask myself, “What are you doing!!?!”

If I want to teach Prosperity, I need to radiate prosperity thinking, talking and acting. If I want to teach Peace, I need to walk in Peace and respond to my own life circumstances and to others in Peace. If I want to teach Acceptance (non-judgment), I must step away from the judgment of others.

Let’s face it – this can be challenging work!

The good news is that practice makes perfect, and the first time I stop in the midst of passing judgment is harder than the next time; and I find that I am catching myself sooner and sooner each time. With intentional awareness and practice I notice that my default responses and reactions are transformed and I am much more aligned with the Truth that I want to walk every day.

There’s no quiz, nor a final exam on this – it’s a take home test; but consider it an important question to ask yourself, every day: “as I go about my day, how am I teaching others to fish?


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