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Discover Your PathFamous mythologist Joseph Campbell is known for encouraging people to “follow their bliss“. In his popular PBS interview with Bill Moyers he shared this very advice.

It’s great counsel, but it can be daunting. What if you know what you DON’T find blissful, but have no idea what would make you happy – especially in that trickiest of weekly activities: your job or career?

Like most spiritual approaches, there is no magic wand for this dilemma or lottery ticket that will swiftly move you out of your boring (or worse!) job/career and into something fabulous. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck, however; but it does mean that if you want “out”you’ll need to do most of the heavy lifting. The good news is that it’s not that all that heavy.

Western, and especially American, popular culture is focused on complaints: what’s wrong and who’s not doing what they need to do. The nightly news would go out of business if the population ever really turned away from needing to focus on what’s wrong and seek out only the positives.

If you want to figure out what kind of vocation, career or job has a higher likelihood of making you happy (or being compatible with a happy disposition), you need to change this habit of listing everything that ‘s wrong and start a new habit of noticing what feels right.

As a long-time professor and academic advisor, I finally wrote down the process I had been sharing with students over the years, and put it together in an eBook that I titled, Discover Your Path: a map to job happiness.

I also included some basic résumé and job hunting tips, which are always good to review whether you’re a new college graduate, or re-entering the job seeking market after being out of practice for some time.

At the end of the day, spiritual Truth applies to our prosperity, our relationships and our careers: we attract who we are, as Wayne Dyer often reminded us. If we’re MISERABLE at work, we attract more misery at work. If you’re tired of attracting a miserable work experience, figure out what inspires your bliss and move in the direction of your dreams!

You can do it – take the first step, whether you do it with my book or someone else’s, because you are worth it!



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