Bluebirds, happiness and us

BluebirdIn the United States, the bluebird is an ubiquitous symbol of happiness -a symbol that shows up in children’s movies, fairy tales and general cultural lore.

Disney movies aside, this is not an American tradition exclusively, as “bluebirds” are granted special status in many other cultures, across time.

Blue birds (as opposed to bluebirds), likely representing various genus and species combinations, have been viewed as symbols of happiness, wisdom and enlightenment in cultures from ancient China and old world Russia to today’s American (Disney) culture where movies like “Song of the South” depict the “bluebird on my shoulder” in song as an indication of things going well, to “The Rescuers” where the bluebird represents a far-off and distant faith. Even beautiful Snow White had bluebirds flying around her head while she sang outside of her forest home a la Disney.

What does the bluebird of such storied folklore have to teach from a New Thought perspective?

The CSL Home Office facebook page recently shared a photo with the following statement:

“Happiness doesn’t depend on what we have, but it does depend on how we feel toward what we have. We can be happy with little or miserable with much.”

In many ways this sums up the core of most New Thought teaching. Each person has the opportunity to choose their perspective, their frame of reference. Happiness is a choice in every moment.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, acknowledging this choice, reminds us that the Universe (God, Spirit, Creator, Infinite Mind,…whatever name you choose) always and only says Yes! Indeed, in many New Thought churches and centers there are beautiful and elaborate signs that say ‘YES!’ hanging on walls and in porticos to remind us of this spiritual Truth.

Mr Walsch’s sometimes humorous explanation of this concept, captured here on YouTube, is a wonderful companion lesson to that of the bluebird. If the Universe only and always says YES; we control our destiny by what it is that we state, or affirm our lives to be. And when we learn to feel gratitude for what it is that we have, we attract that back to us.

We become wise and enlightened when we know this to a level that allows us to respond only and always from a position of contentment. As I write this, many of us in the United States are preparing for Monday morning, the most-dreaded day of the week for a lot of people. In the context of the Universal answer (Yes!), the wise among us have or will change this reaction to one that resonates with what we want – not what we see in front of us, as we remember that “happiness …depends on how we feel toward what we have“.

When we can be happy in this now, present moment, the Universe responds with a strong YES! and we attract more of the things that make us feel happy in the now, present moment – and on it goes.

And so as we begin the work week anew, may the bluebird of happiness, wisdom and enlightenment sit on your shoulder as a reminder of these powerful spiritual Truths! And so it is.


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