Planting the right seeds


Bountiful, beautiful (organic) tomatoes!

I’ve been keeping an eye on my parents’ garden the past 2 weeks as they are on vacation out of state. The tomatoes are coming on strong and beautiful and I’ve enjoyed sharing them with friends as well as eating them every day on whole grain bread, in salads and just plain on a plate.

Today as I carefully searched for ripe tomatoes I was struck with the absolute bounty of this year’s crop. Each tomato plant is heavy with tomatoes in every shade from green to red (and on the Yellow Boy plants, from green to deep golden yellow).

The garden is a great metaphor for life and there are countless talks I could derive from it, but today as I made my way carefully between the plants I was struck with the evidence that abundance is nature’s preference: it’s our natural state!

Of course there are some things we need to do to insure that our garden is abundant: prepare the soil, buy good/healthy seeds or plants from a reputable source, plant at the right season, keep critters from nibbling away the plants as they sprout (fences!), fertilize with healthy and earth-friendly products (our garden is totally organic), pull the weeds out so the plants have room to thrive, ensure plenty of water and provide support so that when the stalks get heavy, the vegetables don’t rot lying on top of themselves in the dirt.

Isn’t this a lot like our own lives: preparation, making good choices, support, healthy lifestyle and balance? The spiritual Truth peeking out from the heavy tomato vines this week has been that when we work with Mother Nature, she provides for us bountifully.

If you’re feeling that the odds in life are stacked against you or that you just can’t catch a break – stop and think about this garden story. Nature’s default setting is abundance; but we have to do the prep work, weeding and watering to see the full bounty of our crop emerge.

There’s nothing more satisfying than harvesting the fruit of our own labor, so this Summer as you enjoy farm-fresh fruits and vegetables or enjoy the beautiful flowers on your porch or in your garden; remember nature’s gentle lesson. In each moment, and with each decision ask yourself: “am I planting seeds that I want to see bloom in abundance?

No one articulates this better than Karen Drucker in her song “More = Give“. Here’s an excerpt from the song:

“If you want more love – give love!   If you want more joy – give joy!

If you want more peace – give peace.    

If you want more,… give; if you want more,… give. 

If you want more money – give your money!    If you want more time – give up your time!  

If you want more friends, be a friend!    If you want more,… give; if you want more,… give. 

When you give you receive – it’s as simple as that,…”

The Universe gives back to us in abundance what we plant in the garden of our consciousness and in our lives. When our “harvests” aren’t to our liking, we can plant different seeds, and expect a new and improved crop of experiences.

As we move formally into August and the waning days of Summer, take some time to plan your life garden. Save the seeds you’ll want to plant next season, and discard the ones that bore bitter or tasteless fruit. Update your gardening plan, and maybe even buy some new tools.  The work may be different than you are accustomed to, but I promise that the harvest will be well worth it.

And so it is.



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