Start small

People often find New Thought spirituality as they are seeking to improve some aspect of their life, and the changes sought can be quite large once they dig down into the heart of the matter that sent them seeking.

Regardless of the root cause of the discontent or need, one piece of advice is always worth considering: start small.

Sustainable life changes are best accomplished in small measurable steps that can be added to the rest of your daily routine, thereby not causing any great upheaval and disruption to “business as usual”. While sometimes the business-as-usual needs very much to be disrupted, such as in the need for an intervention for a drug or alcohol addiction that is out of control, most changes do best if they are ushered in gently.

If you’re looking to add more exercise to your life, joining a gym might be a good idea, but it also might be a colossal waste of money and another reason for you to beat up on yourself. Start by parking further from your destination, taking the stairs at every opportunity, and taking a walk one or two times a day. 

If clutter is your nemesis, start in one room or one corner and make a plan for a specific type of clutter that you see as a significant and repeated issue.

If eating junk food is your vice, again – choose one substitution to begin with and move forward only once you’ve conquered that food vice.

Sometimes starting small may mean simply adding an affirmation to the start and end of your day – before you try to change anything else. Unhelpful habits are usually manifestations of wayward thinking patterns, so if you can use your mind to plant a different seed, you can begin to seed the changes you desire using affirmations. 

The overwhelming nature of change can work to obstruct your initiation of a change project. The routine of morning and evening affirmations can help because they’re simple, and they help rewire how you think about the issue before you tackle any of the harder, physical stuff.

Think about the ocean which is constantly shaping and reshaping the shore. It does so in small, repetitive actions, one wave at a time.

Like the sea, you too can reclaim and reshape your life – one wave, or affirmation at a time.

Here’s a general morning affirmation to get you started:

“Life is here for me to enjoy, and I embrace every opportunity before me today to live my life to the fullest. I’m worth it, I deserve it, and I accept it!”

Here’s an evening one, too:

“Today was another gift from the Universe. I accept this gift knowing it taught me valuable lessons, and prepared me for tomorrow and beyond. I am grateful for this day and the good it brought into my life!”


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