False Teeth, Stray Cats and Spiritual Guidance

In his seminal work, The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes wrote about the omnipresent nature of the Divine Intelligence that is ever and always guiding our steps and actions. While he was not the first scholar to suggest that God, Spirit or the Divine was fully present within each one of us, his work is perhaps one of the most accessible to the casual American religious seeker.

For those walking a spiritual path, these Divine “nudges” come in a variety of guises. One former employee told me about a dream he had where then-President Ronald Reagan was attending a picnic at his grandmother’s house (he was living several states away from his grandmother) and in casual conversation,   President Reagan mentioned to the man that there were federal jobs available to Veterans here in this city, and that he should apply. The next morning he got up and made some calls (this was pre-Internet) and landed an interview within 2 weeks. He ended up being offered, and taking that job in his home town and he retired just recently after 30+ years of service.

For others the Divine whispers come in different forms. Last weekend a message came for me in the form of a lost upper plate (dentures) and a neighborhood stray.

I was preparing to leave town for business and would be traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I had planned to leave by 2pm, but had to run to the local super store to pick up some oil to top of my engine.

I parked at the end of the lot and headed into the store, and as I passed the cart return area I noticed something odd. A set of teeth were laying there on the ground under a shopping cart. 

I was in a hurry so I kept walking, purchased my motor oil and hoped that by the time I walked back to my car, the teeth would have been retrieved. Unfortunately, no such luck. Several more carts had been shoved into the corral and the teeth were still there.

I knew I needed to retrieve these teeth and turn them in. Dentures are expensive and someone – probably someone who can’t easily afford a new set – is missing their choppers. I found a paper towel in my Jeep, gingerly extracted the teeth from the cart return and took them to the lost and found.

Satisfied that I could now head out on my trek, I headed home for what should have been a quick stop, but someone had another idea.

As I emptied some trash from my car into the garbage can and went to drag it to the curb, a local stray cat whom I hadn’t seen in a couple months appeared at the side of the house. 

“Meow!”, she said and looked at me with hungry eyes.

She knows that I’m one of those ladies who keeps cat food on hand for strays (I also have 2 cat roommates). I sighed and went inside to prepare a dish of food and some clean, fresh water putting it inside my fenced yard which she easily accesses when she’s in the neighborhood.

I finally left on my trek a good 2 hours after my initial plan, and at least 30-minutes later than I would have left prior to spying the teeth and the stray kitty.

(and yes I’ve tried to capture her, take her to the Vet and get her off the street, but unsuccessfully so far, and so I feed her when she comes around)

An hour into my drive I came around a large bend to stopped traffic – stretching out in front of me on the turnpike for several miles.

A multi car accident had created a pile up and I would be spending an additional hour on my trip, but I wasn’t complaining or upset. First off I always travel with snacks. I had grapes, cold tea and some Sun Chips so no chance of getting hungry. Also, I realized that the appearance of a set of false teeth and the neighborhood stray kitty delayed me for just about the right amount of time to be delayed by that accident and not in the middle of it.

I tell my kids and others that Spirit is always providing guidance, but that it most often comes in quiet, gentle ways. Last weekend this guidance came in the form of some lost teeth and a wayward but hungry, neighborhood stray kitty.


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