I Am (already) Provided

Last week I attended a professional conference where the usual array of sales-gimmicks-disguised-as-giveaways were plentiful. Some were quite nice, others were useful and still others make you wonder how the decision was made to mass-produce a piece of junk.

In one “free” luncheon where we exchanged our names and contact information for a chance to win some Tiffany jewelry, I enjoyed the company of good friends and former colleagues, along with a nice meal.

While I was surely open to being a winner in the Tiffany jewelry drawing, I was mostly grateful to have the time to spend with these friends that I don’t seen as often as I once did and to fall back into comfortable conversation rhythms and revisit old memories together.

When the time for the winner’s names to be drawn arrived, you could hear the murmurs of excited chatter at the possibility of winning a piece of Tiffany jewelry mixed with people saying, “I never win anything“. I smiled to myself remembering a time when I would have declared that too (before studying these principles). They pulled a winning name for the necklace, and then the earrings and when they announced the winner for the bracelet, it was one of my friends!

We all squealed and clapped as she left the table to claim her prize.

When she returned and opened the signature turquoise box, she pulled out a lovely silver bracelet – that was the exact same bracelet I was wearing. My parents had given me the same Tiffany bracelet several years ago as a birthday present.

At the table we all cooed and fussed over her win, helping her put on her new piece and as the chatter moved on to discussing the coming evening activities, I reflected on the gift I had also received: the message that Good is already mine, right here, right now.

While my hopes weren’t pinned on winning something (I’ve experienced tremendous growth in this area over the last 10 years) this was a wonderful reminder that I don’t have to stand in line for my Good; purchase a “lottery” ticket, or wait and hope that it’s “my turn“.

I continue to be so grateful for the arrival of this gentle but powerful message that my Good is provided and present already – always and in all ways.

And so it is.



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