Listening to Nature

My house sits in a location that has the dubious distinction of attracting a majority of the leaves from the trees that line my street. The lay of the land, placement of the houses and trees, along with the way that the wind blows through the neighborhood translates into my yard ending up with a lion’s share of the leaves.

When I was a harried single mother with what seemed like no time to spare – and even less help – I often grumbled about this “burden”. Over the years though, I have learned to stop and listen to nature when she sends me the same message over and over.

Instead of looking at the leaves as a nuisance, I decided to look at the action of all these leaves coming into MY yard as a sign of 2 things: abundance  as a natural state and its propensity to come my way.

I pronounced that this “flow” of natural energy channeled into my yard and life was a very good sign, and so instead of grumbling I welcomed the leaves and felt genuine gratitude that they were all coming my way. After all, it gave me the opportunity to get some exercise in a way that was different than my usual routine – and – it’s hard to beat being outside on a beautiful Autumn day in the Mid-Atlantic: the smells, the feel of the wind, the perfect temperature. I enjoyed the brisk chore, and the imagery of the great abundance of leaves in my yard.

The experience was also a wonderful lesson on Nature’s quiet whispers of wisdom: we are born to receive! Emerson wrote that the dice of God are always loaded. I wonder how often we repel those loaded dice because we’re just not seeing the Good or we see the opening act to our Good and frown. Instead of applauding the flow that is moving in our direction we complain about being the leaf magnet on our street. What if leaves were just the prelude to a larger flow of abundant Good moving in our direction?

I know that the attraction leaves in this neighborhood seem to have for my yard is a very good sign that life in ALL of its fullness has a strong affinity for me, and I choose to be open to receive my Good – no matter how it shows up!

And so it is.



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