My Choice

Today in the United States we are less than 24-hours post an election shocker. Many of our citizens are stunned by what we see as a most unfortunate pending transition of power. The wailing and gnashing of teeth has already begun, but I will not be joining that chorus.

I choose to look forward; to live in the knowing of the Truth principles I teach that tell me I have the power to create my experience, my reality.

So today I join with others in this teaching (New Thought spirituality) and know that, in the words of the great songwriter and musician, Karen Drucker:

All is well – I can rest

I am safe – all is well!

All IS well – because I choose to live in the knowledge and Truth that the life I create for myself is just that: mine to create.

I create a life of harmony and peace; love and acceptance of others; a life of prosperity for me and my family so that I have plenty to spare and even more to share with others.

I create a space where people can come learn these things for themselves and rise above the anger, fear and hatred that is too often peppered across the headlines & social media outlets.

This is my response to the events of the week. I choose to fly! And I invite you to join me in taking this peace-centered approach to expecting the very best; regardless of the external appearance of things. We can – each one of us – know the truth for ourselves and our lives, that all is well (#alliswell).

And so it is.


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