The Only Mandate

Throughout 2016, I had many doubts about the outcome of the presidential election even as many of the pollsters were predicting with some certainty that they knew who would win. We all now know how good they were at predicting the final results.

The reason I had doubts was due solely to the fact that spiritual law doesn’t care about the who or the what, it just works. Like gravity where it doesn’t matter whether a “good” person or a “bad” person jumps out of a skyscraper (they’re both going to fall) – the spiritual truth that “energy flows where our attention goes” didn’t care that the collective attention of the nation was on a terrible candidate; it just worked (like gravity).

So here we are. The majority of the voting public NOT happy with the choice garnered by the electoral college results, but the only question for spiritual (metaphysical) students, teachers and leaders is this: have we learned our lesson?

If we have, we know that moving forward we need to put our attention – our thoughts, words and actions – on to the things we want to see expand. We make the world work for everyone in our own communities by teaching, supporting and loving those right in front of us.

We can feed the hungry as we share our bounty; we can be a spiritual home for those who feel cast out from other places; we can teach and model that we create the reality in our lives, …but we can’t teach these things (and more) if we are focused on the “ain’t it awful” energy that I see growing on social media.

It’s time to stop telling horrible stories about “those people” and prognosticating all the bad news to expect in the new administration. It is time to KNOW the Truth and think/speak/walk it – every day.

I am not suggesting that we turn a blind eye to hate crimes, discrimination or bad behavior, but instead of looking for these, to turn our eyes instead to all the people – the majority of Americans – who did vote against the hate. There are more of us, and we are more powerful. Love indeed trumps hate.

This is what we do, and like no time in recent history, we need to do what we do and do it BIG!

Last week I shared the story of Elijah and the prophets of Ba’al. If you ever want to find some back-up for the contention that right is stronger than wrong; positives stronger than negatives, read this story (I Kings 18)

In short, there is a showdown between the people who worship God of Israel and those who worship the false prophet Ba’al. They meet on Mt Carmel and Elijah suggests that they settle the disagreement as to who is the most powerful by each side sacrificing a bull, and then calling on either God or Ba’al to light the altar on fire. He even allows the Ba’al worshippers to go first.

They build their altar and sacrifice their bull and begin to sing, chant and beg Ba’al to send down the fire to show his strength. And of course, it doesn’t happen.

Next it’s Elijah’s turn and he not only builds the altar, he commands the people to soak the altar with water – three times. If you’ve ever tried to start a campfire, you know this is not the precursor to an easy fire-lighting. They poured so much water that it formed a trench of water around the altar.

Then Elijah prayed, and as it says in I Kings 18: 38″…the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt offering and the wood and the stones and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.

Truth always conquers false prophets. And we’ve been reminded of this from the story of the triumph of Elijah over the false prophets of Ba’al to the modern teachings of those like Michael Bernard Beckwith who tells us that a positive thought is 100-times more powerful than a negative one.

As teachers, leaders and metaphysical students we have a role in the days ahead, and that role is to proceed with the only mandate we have: to remember who we are, to know the Truth and to be the biggest and most profound examples of this Truth that we can be, right where we are – in our neighborhoods and communities.

We can, we will; and all is well.

(C) 2016 Practitioner’s Path





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