Just know it


photo taken by the author at Whalehead Beach, Corolla, NC

Ad executives for shoe giant Nike struck gold a few years back with their “Just Do It” campaign slogan. It’s a powerful statement for all of us contemplating a change in our habits, lives or thinking.

Sometimes, however; it feels as though we are ready but the things we need to act upon are still  taking their time to manifest. At the start of the New Year many New Thought churches and centers hold abundance and prosperity seminars, classes and other activities. Because the start of a new year is a great time to turn over a new leaf, and more practically I suspect, because the Christmas season has a way of exerting itself on everyone’s budget in a way that makes them look for ways to change that experience.

Regardless of the “why“, teaching prosperity is a wonderful way to introduce people to the concepts of spirituality and the power that each of us has – right here, right now – to effect positive change in our own lives. Still, one of the challenges in advertising and teaching spirituality is that non-schooled folks who are desperate for an injection of money are at risk for going away disappointed. If they’re not ready for the spirituality piece of it, and are expecting to learn how to pick the winning lottery numbers or to get an immediate promotion and raise at work; they’re not going to find success at the end of a Prosperity seminar or class.

Let’s face it – even schooled spiritual seekers can become frustrated with the concepts of spiritual prosperity! Who among us hasn’t had a strong desire to inspire a lottery win, or a promotion, or even some money to arrive in the mail? I have found though, that only after some time spent in the wins and losses of the prosperity journey have I learned the way that it works, and been able to impact my life for the better.

The start of that shift comes in the knowing that we are provided, regardless of what it looks like in the check register, on the screen as you check your bank balance, or on the balance due as you open bills in the mail.

Knowing, and then letting go sounds simple; but these are the skills of a Jedi. It takes practice to know something in the face of real physical evidence to the contrary, and while we don’t have to travel to Dagobah to learn these skills, we do have to change our perspective and be willing to “unlearn what we have learned“.

A good way to begin is in our attitude. The photo at the top of this post includes a quote by Florence Scovel Shinn, a wise 20th century artist and New Thought teacher.

“Now is the appointed time. Today is the day of my amazing good fortune.”

As we begin this New Year, let’s use this statement to affirm the Truth of who we are: let’s just KNOW it, and then watch it happen in our lives.

Here’s to our success in 2017 – yours and mine!




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