Catching the Sun

When teaching universal spiritual principles to children, it helps to have a concrete example they can work with to help underscore the lesson.

This is an example of an easy & fun activity for young children to teach the principle of intentionally attracting what we want into our lives.

The activity is creating a beaded sun catcher to hang in a window. The underlying lesson is that to have a life where goodness regularly shows up for us we must be willing to become like “sun catchers” so that the warmth and light of the world around us comes to & shines through us.

Sun catchers expect the sun; they don’t reach out to catch clouds – they are specifically designed to capture the radiant energy of the sun (its rays) and reflect it back to the world in beautiful colors and shapes.

With young children the example of seeing the positive in situations at school and helping to extend the goodness instead of focusing on negativity is a basic lesson that most of them will be able to relate to (my grandchildren had several great examples to share when we did the activity together).

Here are the supplies:

  • Craft wire (I used 22 gauge)
  • A bin of plastic beads
  • Wire cutters and rounding pliers
  • String (to hang when you’re done)






An easy rainy day activity with a sunny lesson – simple enough for kids as young as 5 (with adult assistance in wire cutting and looping) & you can make a lovely reminder for all that we choose & create (reflect) our own experiences in life!



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