The nature of life

On several walks this weekend I noticed the proliferation of seed pods on sidewalks, in flower beds – everywhere I looked.

The Abundance of these pods, which are essentially seeds that can produce more of the host or parent plant that released them, reminded me of Ernest Holmes’ perspective on life:

“Life is not static. It is forever dynamic, forever creating,…”

For whatever reason, humans have taken a generally negative approach to the events in life, forgetting or overlooking the great, natural impulse toward life, not death; toward success, not failure; toward more, and not less.

The trees that release hundreds, if not thousands of seed pods each Spring do so in the knowing that the life they represent in the now will be passed on. They don’t hope that life will continue, that some of those seeds will take root and grow – they have a deep knowing that it will happen, because it’s the Law.

Too often we humans take the opposite approach. We forget the lessons of nature, and we put out 1 seed pod (idea, effort). We tentatively put this idea or effort out into the world, and if it gets stepped on, blown away, swept up in the trash,…we say “Oh bothernothing I do ever works out.

And we give up.

We miss the Truth about life when we so easily give up. The trees, bushes, plants and other flora produce multiple seeds and pods every Spring. They drop and release them to the world, knowing that some will get stepped on, others will be blown away and even swept up and discarded as trash. Still, there is a deep knowing within all of natural life that some will NOT find that fate, and will fall on fertile soil, settle in and take root.

We can change our everyday experience if we will become more aligned with Nature. In the Christian Bible St. Paul counseled that we should “pray without ceasing“.

If we look at prayer as the affirmation of what we desire, praying without ceasing is believing in the best outcomes at all times.

While we want to be careful not to become a “Polly Anna”, detached from the realities of life; we can still balance our approach with an understanding that the scales of life are tipped in our favor. We simply need to be willing to see this Truth and most importantly: keep showing up, stepping up, reaching out and giving to the world and to this process called Life.

And when we do, we will be able to look back and see that, yes – some of our efforts were stepped on, blown away or swept into the garbage; but others fell into good soil, took root and grew into beautiful, productive and generous “trees” that will continue to propagate in each Spring season.

(C) Practitioner's Path 2017

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