In the present moment

Bee on flower (orange)When we peel back the layers of unimportant things with which we fill our minds and days, we can free ourselves to just “be” in the moment and benefit from some profound – albeit simple – experiences.

Some of the profound but simple things I enjoyed this past week include:

  1. The smell in the air when it just started to rain on a hot day.
  2. Watching a female cardinal (bird) hopping from branch to branch in a tree.
  3. The busy sound of a bumblebee buzzing around.
  4. While on a shuttle bus, I spotted a lone duck paddling across the middle of a calm river.
  5. A pair of dragonflies flew by me on one of my walks – the first dragonflies I have seen this year!

These all occurred on ordinary days – days that contained the usual duties and tasks, wondering and worry; and yet in these (and other) distinct moments I experienced small moments of joy that were (almost) hidden in plain sight – tucked into everyday circumstances.

The rain smell, busy bird, dragonflies, duck and the bee would have gone on with their missions with or without me. It was my life that was made richer in noticing their presence and welcoming them into my day.

In those brief moments I reconnected with a quiet wisdom. It reminded me that life is much more than peak experiences or deep failures. We will all have times when we ascend great mountains of achievement, and times when we succumb to depths of great sorrow but it is between those milestone moments that the rest of our life unfolds.

If we are lucky enough to figure this out, life-changing joy may be found within the brief instances that make up the everyday experience of our lives.

Give it a try.

What small joys will you find?


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