Find a job you love

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This weekend, Friday-Saturday & Sunday (June 23 – 25, 2017) my 1st book on finding the best fit in a job or career is FREE to download from Amazon.

Perfect for anyone who feels “lost” in a career and doesn’t know where to turn, or for those just starting out who want to “get it right“.

The first half of the book walks the reader through a simple process to map out what it is that makes a good fit in a job or career by use of a specific “mapping” process.

The second half of the book is career coaching for new job seekers OR for those who haven’t interviewed, prepare a resume or cover letter or looked for a job in a while. As a professor at a Research I university, I taught these tools and techniques to senior students who were beginning to interview and head out into the adult world. I still get email from many of them thanking me for my “real world” approach to these tasks.

Some people say that if you love what you do, you’ll never really work a day in your life. My take on this is a little more practical.

Here’s the advice I share with my students:

“You’ll spend a majority of your waking hours at work—make sure you choose a job that gives more back to you than it takes away.”

On Monday, the price goes back up to $3.99 so take advantage of this special offer and kickstart your journey to a better career or job experience, today!



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