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fire-starter-firelighting-squaresI regularly hear from folks at various points along their spiritual journeys who ask this question: “Does this stuff really work?

This question usually follows some “ask” that was not answered. We do live in a culture that values instant gratification and often new spiritual seekers are drawn to metaphysical spirituality in order to “manifest” something.

And while there’s nothing wrong with seeking a demonstration through prayer and affirmations; understanding the basics of spiritual law helps to move things along. But it is important to realize that we must be ready for movement – very often unexpected/unplanned & inconvenient movement – when we start this process. Recently one of my family members shared their story and it perfectly illustrates this point.

The family was living in a rented home. They liked their neighborhood, and their yard, but the house was small, and needed a lot of work that the landlord was unwilling to do. The wife felt a nudge in her heart that this was not their final destination, and so she quietly wrote out an affirmation to use for helping them to move forward.

The next day after she put her kids on the school bus, she took her affirmation to the basement, and began to clear out and pack up things, saying “I am cleaning up and clearing out in preparation for our move to our beautiful new home.”

It is important to note here that the family did not have a downpayment sitting in the bank, and had been told by a number of people that they would not qualify for a mortgage large enough to afford a house in the condition and location that they desired.

She worked on the basement for a week (1 week!) and got it cleared out. She was feeling good about the progress and planned to continue the work in the rest of the house when their landlord called and said he was coming by.

When he arrived he told them that he was selling the house, and that they needed to be out ASAP. Not surprisingly, this created instantaneous chaos! Where were they going to go? How were they going to afford to move – especially in a hurry? Would the kids be able to stay in their same school district?

It was a tumultuous time, but the woman had some tools. She immediately began to journal using John Randolph Price’s Abundance Journey process and reached out to her family for advice and assistance. They secured a real estate agent, and began to look at homes in the school district where their children were already established.

To say that they “kissed a lot of toads” (saw a lot of subpar homes) would be an understatement, and there were many nights of exhaustion, disappointment and crying. She continued to journal, and held on to her belief that all of this was working together for their Good – that this was all happening for the right reasons. She realized that she had called this change into being with her WORDS and her divine right action.

This next piece of information will come as no surprise to some reading this post: on Day 40 of the Abundance Journey (Price outlines a 40-day Abundance Journey in his book), she and her husband closed on a house in a nicer part of their community that had been listed at a price point significantly higher than their approved loan amount.

She laughs today as she recounts the swift reaction of the Universe when she put her attention and her actions/energy into a singular goal – moving out of their rented house and into their own beautiful home.

The HOW was definitely not what she had envisioned as the path, but she was wise enough to know that the “hows” are none of our concern and that to manifest our dreams, we need to learn to roll with it the way it shows up.

Many of us have set intentions, written affirmations, sought prayer and visualized our goals. Have we ALSO been willing to take that first step in faith, and then – when the chaos erupts, allow it to lead us along the path to our intended goal?

Prayer, affirmations, visualization and other spiritual practices are powerful tools in the art of manifestation. Taking directed action in combination with our intention(s) serves as a quick start method for manifesting, but be careful: while we may have planned for a tame, S’mores kind of fire; we may get a high-flame, eyebrow-singing blaze beMarshmallowfore it settles down into coals that we can approach with a marshmallow on a stick.

Nearly 100 years ago, Florence Scovel Shinn taught her students that their word is their wand. Her words and these teachings remain as powerful today as they were for her students and clients.

When we ask, we WILL receive.

Are we ready?


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