Go Big with the Golden Key

The Golden Key

This morning as I was grabbing my watch off the dressing table, I came across my copy of “The Golden Key” published by Unity and based on Emmet Fox’s teaching.

In a previous blog I shared the concept of the Golden Key and I was grateful to have found it this morning and reconnect with its simple wisdom. Lately I have been pondering our culture’s tendency to focus on the negative aspect of <insert topic of choice> and how that “default” setting is one of the biggest challenges for us in manifesting a better life.

Complaining about what ISN’T working is a way of life, at least in the United States, and that way of life is counterproductive if we want to move toward our best lives.

The basic process of “turning the Golden Key” is outlined in that earlier blog. In this blog I want to suggest an enhancement to that basic step that can supercharge it.

While adjusting our perspective away from the trouble and onto the Good that is all around us; we can also open our minds to ponder the concept of “Infinite Intelligence”.

Infinite means without boundaries; no limits.

When we are trying to power through some challenge, we can sometimes get it in our head how it needs to work out. Mike Dooley calls this “messing with the cursed hows“. Never mind we’ve spent time and money on stacks of spiritual books, watched countless YouTube videos and attended a plethora of classes, seminars. We encounter one of life’s speed bumps and spiritual gurus that we are – we decide that we know what needs to happen and how it can (or can’t!) …classic spiritual #fail (and we’ve all done it once or twice).

In other words, we put the power of the Universe into a small box,…and then wonder why we’re still not getting answers to our prayers; solutions to our problems and generally a better outcome.

We can take our Golden Key – paper or otherwise – and add infinity power to it by allowing our imagination to go BIG. The “key” to our success lies in recognizing the infinitude of possibilities that exist, and in staying open to how the answer(s) we seek may show up for us so that we a) don’t miss them, and b) can be grateful.

Dig through your list of challenges, and find a stubborn one to work on. Give it the Golden Key treatment, then let your imagination wander, adopting an “allowing” posture (i.e. be the observer – not the micromanager) and watch the magic unfold.

Big dreams.jpg

(C) 2017 Practitioner's Path

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